cypher: (dragonslayer)
marsupial fruitcake ([personal profile] cypher) wrote in [personal profile] telophase 2017-05-18 05:16 pm (UTC)

I've seen Murderface's adventures on my network occasionally and I'm so glad I stopped to read this one -- it's both very relatable (I refer to my own character affectionately as the Garbageborn, for his stellar people skills and sense of priorities) and hilarious.

Salma rushed on ahead, and they heard an "Ow!" as she fell through the open grate in the floor of the next room, which had not closed after Murderface opened it

Helpless laughter at this point.

Murderface respectfully looted Lizard-Bob's body as Salma looked on.

AS YOU DO (possibly most awkward in the Companions quest chain?).

His unflappable pragmatism in the face of a buggy environment is an inspiration.

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