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What're you doing in town, anyway?
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The Space Needle elevator is worth it as far as I'm concerned. Depending, of course, upon weather. ^_^ The restaurant, generally not so much.

South Lake Union streetcar will take you to I Love Sushi on Lake Union, which is pretty much my favourite sushi place in town. Shiro's is where most people will send you, and it's real good, but I personally tend to have better experiences at ILS.

If either of you are into that sort of thing, I've donated a lot of stuff to the Living Computer Museum, which is in Sodo.

The Gum Wall is not really that interesting except for the "...why?" factor, but it does get you to walk the length of Post Alley and the lower levels of Pike Place Market, which is interesting. (Then it goes aboveground and is still kind of interesting.)

If the weather is decent, it is inexpensive and pleasant to take a round trip on one of the ferries from downtown as a pedestrian, which will get you a look over the Sound, and a good look at Seattle from the water, which is nice. They aren't cruise boats, they're working commuter vessels, so don't expect luxury? But they're pleasant and inexpensive. Seattle-Bremerton is nice and an hour each way and goes through a strait; Seattle-Bainbridge is much shorter (mostly a straight line east-west), I'm thinking a little over half an hour each way? And there are booths next to windows, so you could work and see things.

Okay, I'll stop now. ^_^