chomiji: Akari, the shaman from SDK ... more to her than you might imagine  (Akari - autumn colors)
chomiji ([personal profile] chomiji) wrote in [personal profile] telophase 2017-04-05 12:11 am (UTC)

I'm thinking about leaving mine up for a while because I need to do something about the Scrapbook (like once again figure out how to get into the account space I got through you yea these many years ago), which I have used for exchanges that involved art (like Purimgifts).

Do I recall correctly that there was a way to take the whole thing locked at once? I was thinking about doing that and then making the book review stuff public again. But given the problems you've outlined, it might not be worth it.

This is like the 10th technology-based crisis in my life within a span of weeks. None of them have been real disasters, but I really wonder what Fate has against my ability to decompress.

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