yhlee: sleepy kitty (Cloud)
yhlee ([personal profile] yhlee) wrote in [personal profile] telophase 2017-03-10 07:54 pm (UTC)

Hahahaha. Cloud is slow-moving unless something spooks her, but she tends to want to go into the neighbor's yards and at that point we pick her up and bring her inside.

Cloud hisses much more at the dragon or Joe than she does at me. She's never hissed at me when I bring her inside from a walk so I was surprised the first time I heard about it. (I believe the dragon! Just, I have not personally witnessed that behavior.) She also did get hissy when she managed to jump up into a wall nook that made her "taller" than us and we tried to get her out of it. (She was fine; she can jump up to and down from it without trouble.) Joe hypothesized that being "tall" made her think that she was suddenly dominant to the humans, but I don't rightly know!

The one time she did unambiguously growl at me was her first day with us--I took away her water bowl to refill it after she'd drunk some, and I think she growled because I was taking away her water and she didn't know I was going to bring it back with more water. Now she's completely blasé about water bowl refills.

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