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Sora haaaates the new LitterRobot we got, to the point of expressing his opinion in several places including, this morning shortly before we got up, the basket full of my clean laundry. So I am telecommuting until the laundry is finished.

While he is prone to crystals in his urine, the pattern of places he has expressed his opinion recently is unlike the places he goes when he's suffering that problem, and more like places carefully chosen for being associated with Toby or I, so we think it's "HEY PUT IT ALL BACK LIKE NORMAL" and not "I HURT FIX IT." (Note: we do have another litterbox set up next to the robot, so he doesn't have to use the robot.) But we do have a vet appointment next week and will be discussing this very problem and potential solutions, and if the vet thinks it's necessary, getting one of those kits to collect his urine and getting it analyzed to rule that out.

Cats. Argh.
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Good luck with that. I had a litter robot for a while, but only one of the two cats was willing to use it; Shula had other issues that meant he had to stand on his hind legs in the litterbox about half the time, so he didn't bother using the robot for the other half, either.