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Toby is teaching himself to knit so he'll have something to do with his
hands when he watches TV. He did a test square and then started in on a
simple scarf using just the knit stitch.

He made it 23 stitches wide because that's a prime number because Toby. And
in the past hour I have heard "Now I have 25. How did that happen?" and
"IT'S 27 NOW. WHAT THE FUCK?!" And apologized that my scarf a going to be a
pyramid shape.

We're also both sick with the flu or a cold--on Friday last we went to
dinner with friends. No idea who Patient Zero was, but pretty much everyone
at that table is now ill. Toby is in the midst and starting the upswing
while I'm starting the downswing into coughing.

And the other thing is that we got a Litter Robot for the cats. The old box
is still set up so they can spend some time getting used to the new thing.
Sora is either unhappy with it or staking a claim because he peed on the
step of the ramp that goes up to the entrance.
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[personal profile] yhlee 2017-02-03 03:06 am (UTC)(link)

I love knitting patterns as hypnotic possibilities but I had to quit lace knitting because I was so bad at it.
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Hey, it's semiprime. That's almost as good as being prime, right? XD
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I just taught Andy to knit last month! All the guys are doing it!
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My local yarn shop owner says that she saw a huge increase in the number of women knitting after 9/11. She thinks that they were trying to find something banal and comforting to contour the fear and uncertainty. I wouldn't be surprised if Trump is causing a similar effect.
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I hope the cats come to like the robot! I love ours...except for the part where Claudia and Jinksy stopped using it before they were a year old. (We think they started feeling claustrophobic. :/) But the design is great! It works really well! And I gather some cats love them!