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I'm working from home today. I heard a noise, turned around, and saw that.

Given that she was sitting like this on Sunday, I feel this is an improvement.

She's still dragging her paw a bit, as we can hear her claws rub along the floor when she walks (ssssss, ssssss, sssssss, sssssss...I keep expecting Igor to show up), and she's a bit unsteady at time,: when she got off the shelf above, she jumped from shelf to shelf fine, but then jumped to the chair next to it and her hind paw slipped a little bit on the fabric.

I think I mentioned that Toby collected all the bathmats and welcome mats from around the house and laid out a path for her between our offices, the litterbox room, and the food/water. Nefer decided that the middle of the hallway was the best place for her to sleep these past few days and because we are pathetic soppy cat owners, we have put her bed, the towel that goes on top of it, and her microwavable heating pad there.

Nefer thinks that is the most awesome thing evar.

Here is a bonus picture of Toby with a bit of ribbon in his hair.

Context: he worked from home on Tuesday, and when I texted him that I was leaving work, I said "You better be barefoot and in the kitchen with a ribbon in your hair and a drink in your hand when I get there."

No drink and no barefoot, but he was in the kitchen and had ribbon in his hair when I got there. :) (Christmas ribbon, as we didn't have anything else, and he taped it on with blue painter's tape to keep it from falling off. He wasn't barefoot because he has plantar fasciitis and needs foot support.)

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