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telophase ([personal profile] telophase) wrote2015-09-14 08:53 am

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Sora is a cat of conflicting emotions.

Here you can see him as he often is in the morning. He wants me to keep scratching his head, so he uses his front paws to pull my hand in. But he does not want me touching his belly, so he uses his hind paws to push my arm away. It does not occur to him that he could arrange himself so that his head is near me and his belly is not.

Also, at 3AM, he reeeeeeally want to sleep next to my head and put his paws all over my face, and we had a small argument about that until he finally got the message. Alas, the message wasn't "Don't put your paws on my face," it was "I don't want you here" and he went off to the end of the bed to sleep.

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