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Now to see if it can get to size and ripen before the birds find it. Somehow I doubt that'll happen. :D

Cut for pic of our Gardening for Dummies-type garden, taken last week


ETA: This is a thing from a Kickstarter that we backed because they were giving these to schools. It's a mat with built-in irrigation and places to plant seed balls (which reminds me, I need to ferret out the July/August seed balls to plant), so you don't have to weed much at all.

We got two heirloom tomato seedlings and planted those instead of the tomato seed balls, which is why they're so much larger than anything else. The things we've planted so far that are growing are: rainbow chard, jalapeno, red pepper, chives (well, one chive is growing!), carrots, and eggplant. The marigolds didn't sprout, but as I wasn't expecting ANYTHING to work, I'm fine with that.

We also did this instead of a regular planting bed because one of our long-term plans is to redo the back yard to replace that small expanse of dirt with paving stones (or gravel, if that's all we can afford!), and put in raised beds for planting. I kind of want something that's vaguely like a medieval monastery herb garden in feel.

The grass is missing because you can't see the enormous willow-type tree I'm standing under as I take that photo, which blocks off most of the light except where the mat is. :) Which I'm fine with, because it also blocks the sight and a bit of the sound of the rather busy road right behind us.

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