Sep. 14th, 2015

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Sora is a cat of conflicting emotions.

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I mmmmmight have just purchased this pose reference book. FOR ARTISTIC PURPOSES ONLY.
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Another reason the internet exists: guy takes random Reddit comments, records himself singing them like a barbershop quartet: WhyNotBarbershop2 on Soundcloud.
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GIF of a fledgeling hummingbird still getting the hang of its wings.

From the OP:
From the thread where I found it babies are fattened up before fledging (being sent off into the wild.) This way while they are still figuring out the world they have fat reserves which are otherwise very rare for hummingbirbs.
It makes them have trouble doing things like gain lift.

edit: cannot get it down to LJ/DW icon size, but here's an edited-down version with an almost perfect loop:
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