Jan. 24th, 2013

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A spam comment I got on the Artist Alley Survival Guide:
Fuck you all Forex bustards
This is a bustard (a kori bustard, to be precise). As far as I can tell Forex is some sort of international financial trading thing, and Googling for forexpeacearmy (dot) com, the URL they left with the comment, leads to all sorts of confusing things with accusations of scams being thrown from all sides, in an impressive display of posturing usually relegated to the males of a species.

So here's a male great bustard posturing. cut for pic )

(Wow that was all random.)
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Venn diagram of the relationship between cat lovers, book lovers, and cardigan lovers.

god help me i'm sitting in my office in the library wearing a grey cardigan covered in cat hair
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Today's discovery is that if I put black rice in the rice cooker, along with a mixture of soy sauce, mirin, and sake for it to cook in (plus some water!), then while it's cooking it smells like BREAD BAKING.

And I am so hungry.

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