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telophase ([personal profile] telophase) wrote2008-03-27 07:43 pm
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New hair color! Black with purple highlights! And yay! my stylist believed me when I said that once I wore a black wig to A-Kon and had people stopping me in the hall to tell me how good it looked. So he went for the black, and after it was done, said "Wow, that looks awesome!" (It's all down to the pale skin and green eyes contrasted with the black, I think. XD

I asked for something a bit more girly this time for the cut, and I'm growing it out a bit, so what I've got is ... er, not really a bowl cut, but unfortunately the closest comparison I can think of is a girly Rock Lee. As in actual pretty girly and not the GAAAAHHHHHHH girly his hair already is. Photos eventually.

And then I had the 20-minute TORTURE of driving home while ABSOLUTELY STARVING with a large order of barbecue in the car. But! Now I am home! And now I can eat!

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