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My cat is watching House Hunters, with all signs of apparent fascination. Huh.

And now that a commercial's come on, she's started to groom.

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I'll never forget coming home from class one afternoon to find that Tumpsey had somehow managed to turn on the television, and was "watching" the Joy of Painting.

I guess Bob Ross just looks like a giant squirrel.

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She watched ten solid minutes of Johnny Quest once. I was impressed.

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She doesn't like Designed to Sell, it seems, as she's chosen to go to sleep instead.

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I've never owned a cat, but I had a fish that used to watch TV. Presumably he liked the moving colors.

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Pookie has Views about TV shows. He will get between me and certain shows and bark. He dislikes Babylon5. Why do I have such a critical dawg? He is a fan of animated shows and Jane Austen though.
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Did she watch it all?

My cat Minnow used to like to watch me play Animal Crossing.

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Nah. Fell asleep during the commercial. XD

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Recognized the neighbourhood from a past life? =D
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Let me know if she gets serious about reading the house ads in the classifieds ... .

My cat is watching House Hunters

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And she's thinking:

"I'd really like new bamboo flooring and granite countertops to sit on. This wall color is *so* last year . . . I really need to upgrade my owner."

My cats like The World's Funniest Animals and NASCAR. I don't like NASCAR, they see it at their grandma's house. I guess they like the little cars going around.

Go figure.

Re: My cat is watching House Hunters

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Mine get annoyed by that show - the doorbell they use when they come back from commercial sounds just like mine, and they think we have company.

I, on the other hand, like it, even now that I've found my new house. :)

Neko used to love it when I watched the shows on Animal Planet, though.

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Maybe she just misheard the title as Mouse Hunters and was wondering when the mice would appear.

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True. Cats are not known for their strong grasp of literacy.

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HGTV is the bomb. My fiancee loves it and I can watch the shows about house-hunting and house-selling for hours. It runs in the family. My mom was a real-estate agent and my sister was an appraiser (both are now teachers, as are both my other sister and I--that runs in the family, too), so I grew up around it. Even so, I prefer Mythbusters--nothing like watching people blow things up in the name of science.

As for a funny cat story, one of our cats, George, was watching my fiancee play Final Fantasy XI. One of her characters is a Mythra (cat-person). George became fascinated by the character's switching tail. He watched it for several minutes, then walked up to the screen and sniffed it. Since it didn't smell like a cat, he walked away. He hasn't bothered to look at the screen since.

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Mythbusters is awesome. :D

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W00t! You gave me yet another reason while I'm glad you're on my flist.

Another cat/FFXI story for you. One of our other cats, Figaro, just sat on my fiancee's computer's mouse. She happens to be still logged in to FFXI, so the result is that her character is spinning around. I'm going to let her character spin for awhile, then let my fiancee read the comments from others around her asking what she's doing. This should be amusing.

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My coworker just asked what I'm sniggering about. XD

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It turns out no one noticed. Darn.