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Yes, that is a search for "liger" that produces pages of "Keep Calm and Carry On" stuff because for some inexplicable reason it defaults to "Calms" as the search term. Clicking on "Search instead for Liger" produces the same results. :/

Bug report has been filed with the company. I have defaulted to the Google image search using " liger," which works. (The regular Google search gets results that default to "Calms".)


Sep. 29th, 2007 04:12 pm
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So I've been poking through the Yuletide nominations and comparing some of them with the character lists, and when I hit the RPF* historical sections, it brings to mind some seriously crack pairings.

I mean, really. Boccaccio/Chaucer? (OMGTHEIRLOVEISSOEPISODIC!) Joan of Arc/Vlad Tepes? Oliver Cromwell/John Dee? The possibilities boggle the mind.

* Real Person Fiction, for those of you on my f-list who don't follow fic.


Sep. 22nd, 2007 05:51 pm
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"In 682 or 683 the throne ordered another son of a prince to commit suicide for bestiality, specifically for committing the sin of incest."

From China's GOlden Age: Everyday Life in the Tang Dynasty by Charles Benn, part of a list of crimes and cruel acts committed by aristocrats. No further explanation given. No footnotes, either; just a list of works for further reading. I wouldn't exactly consider this book an academic source of information.
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[ profile] fuschoid has received an indescribable souvenir from Iraq, given by her brother.
It is a glass-framed, um, object, that not only lights up, plays a tune, and has a completely random picture of pikachu, but also has a thermometer, which I suppose technically makes it a Useful Present. There is a picture of it here. You won't thank me. It loses a little of its glory when not lit up, but (perhaps fortunately) I can't find my converter plug.
I figured there were a number of you who would appreciate knowing that an object like that existed.


Jun. 17th, 2006 12:40 am
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via [ profile] tentopet: WTF Japan?

(the best part is halfway through the second video.)
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Is there something in the water today? People completely unrelated to each other on my LJ friendslist and random mailing lists have spontaneously broken out in discussion of LeGuin's Tehanu and the show and movie of Wild Wild West.*

Oh, and while I'm working on art show stuff, the Travel Channel is on, running a story on catacombs of the world and the narrator is mispronouncing it as "cata cooooms" EVERY SINGLE TIME, which is driving me crazy.

* In one case, resurrecting a years-old argument about the movie, which runs more-or-less thusly:

"I can't accept Will Smith as West, because a black man would not have been employed as a Pinkerton (Secret Service agent/whatever he was) in that day and age."

"So ... you can't accept a black man as Agent West because it's historically inaccurate, but you can accept GIANT MECHANICAL FIREBALL-THROWING SPIDERS?"


May. 26th, 2006 03:31 pm
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OK, I just got a comment notification from a reply to a comment I didn't post (LJ seems to think [ profile] jiv_m is me).

I wonder if it's LJ's problem or if someone inexplicably put in my email address as theirs?


May. 8th, 2006 10:42 am
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Can anyone tell me what I was going to post? I opened up the Update Journal page and ... my mind went blank.

I blame the drugs.*

* Possibly literally - after housecleaning and hauling furniture around all day yesterday, my back is protesting mightily and all my muscles hurt, so I took two of my carefully-hoarded leftover knee-injury pills. Sto così, così. E sono stanca.**

** Provided I remember that correctly: I am so-so. And I am tired.

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Do they train the grocery-store checkers and baggers to go out of their way to pack the raw meat in the same bag with the fruit & veg? I've only had one person in the two grocery stores I go to ever bag the meat seperately, and I suspect it was not coincidental that she was one of the older employees. The woman today actually reached over all the other groceries on the belt to snag the ground beef, to put it in the bag with the onions and garlic and lettuce. But the portobello mushrooms got their own bag, that they did. :/

I'm too much of a wuss to bring it up to whoever's packing, more's the pity.

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