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*whine* There's a big split in my right thumbnail so I've got a band-aid on it to prevent it from getting caught on things and ripping further (it's painful). Naturally it renders me unable to use my trackball easily because the surface of the Band-aid doesn't have enough friction on the ball. (It's even one of those woven ones!)

Alas, woe is me.
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Where, oh where, are my Livejournal friends?
Where, oh where, can they be?
With Rachel's and my query for
Project Blue Rose
and their duty to entertain me?

Personally, I blame the migraine.

and someone tell me to stop feeling guilty for eating like a pig when I have a migraine when I know damn well that keeping my blood sugar up helps the pain.*

* and before anyone asks, this one's triggered by caffeine withdrawal, which I did to myself because I'm damn tired of having this happen every single time I don't have caffeine in the house. I don't drink enough to really taper off, so it's cold turkey for me.
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And no I don't want links. I want thinky discussion* but I have no ideas on topics.**

It also doesn't help that I have a headache left over from a minor migraine yesterday that wasn't a bad one, but sapped my energy and oomph enough that I couldn't force myself off the couch. Hence my finishing season 2 of Avatar. I suppose I could post something about that, but I was kind of wanting to wait until I'd finished up to the last one available before doing that. Hrm.

I could work on the 4th Division Irregulars setup, I suppose, excapt that I'm bloody well stuck on what else needs to be done at the moment.


* The kind I participate in, not the kind that happened in someone else's LJ a good long time ago that I just read. That's a link.

** and the topics I think of to generate discussion almost never do: it's the ones that I toss off not expecting much of anything that spawn huge discussion threads.
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Definitely have cold. Sore throat, weird in the head in the way you are when you've got colds, and my ears are doing the weird thing they do when I have colds. And I barely managed to avert a coughing fit in the grocery store with my inhaler*, and I've already sneezed a couple of times.

As I have to work at the ref desk on Saturday, and it's a real bitch to try to change shifts with someone this close to the weekend, my current plan is to play it by ear tomorrow morning, and if I feel worse, tot ake of tomorrow and maybe Friday, then drug myself up for Saturday. We're now trying a schedule that has two librarians there, and we switch off during the day, so for half the time I'll be sequestered in my office downstairs instead of at the desk proper for eight hours. Better than it used to be.

And another thing that popped up from the Cool Bits generator:
The antagonist of this piece is a priestess, while the protagonist is a short person who kicks tremendous ass. Neither of them are motivated because they're dying anyway, so they might as well.The plot begins with blue cocktails in the palaces of Heaven. The ending includes elements of a kiss on the neck from behind and creepy pick-up lines.
I'm seeing some sort of black comedy where people die and discover the afterlife is a really horrible lounge bar.

* Yay. I am all about this, if it works, as codeine and other cough medicines don't work very well on me.
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My head hurts and I'd like to go home, but I can't, thanks to having work I have to clear out before my trip. WHINE.

Someone post Bleach stuff. I'm still obsessing over that. (I'm in that lovely first few weeks of the relationship when you're head-over-heels with the object of your affection, before the shiny wears off and you start getting irritated at the little quirks that used to charm you.)
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...who put the titles of the books/fic/songs they're reviewing into the cut tags but don't reproduce the titles beneath the cut tags ... could you please start doing so? Because the reader clicks on the cut and is confronted with a list of reviews with no identifying information and in some cases no distinction between a new paragraph in the same review and a new review.

This is a regular occurrence and has been for some time, so I'm not pointing at anyone in particular, just pointing out that clicking back and clicking forward to figure out what movie/books/fic/song you're talking about is annoying.*

* And, I'll admit in my case, impossible: I use Firefox and right-click on cut tags to open them in a new browser tab as I'm going through the friendslist, the close the friends page down and read the full posts. So there is no clicking back to find out the title for me. But I know not everyone does this, so that's why it's in a footnote and not the main whine. :)


May. 9th, 2006 08:56 am
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See, this is why I don't like finals week: I got to work at 7:45 in the morning and there were still no parking places left on campus. I managed to scoot into a spot on the street that I wouldn't have been able to get into if (a) my car were one inch longer or (b) I were less accomplished at parallel parking, but this is ridiculous. :P

They used to have dedicated faculty/staff parking, but got rid of that so unless you want to pay $250/year for an assigned parking space four blocks from where you work, you get a hunting general permit for $75/year and usually - unless you get to work past 8:30 on Monday and Wednesday or 8:05 on Tuesday and Thursday - you can find a parking space much closer, so it's hardly worth it.


Feb. 28th, 2006 07:18 pm
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It seems cons are bad for my lips - three years ago I came down with a raging allergic reaction to something-or-other after AnimeFest, and I'm pretty sure that I'm having one now - my lips burn and feel sort of rough. I shall phone the doctor tomorrow, because last time I didn't know what it was and my lips ended up trying to peel themselves off my face and I'd rather not deal with that again.

In the meantime, I'll just sit here, feel sorry for myself, and try to keep from touching my face. Maybe I should take a Benadryl, if I can find the bottle.
telophase: (Mello - inferiority) there anyone out there tonight who can scan copies of the pages from the licensed versions of the Utena, Hot Gimmick, and Peach Girl: Change of Heart thatI used on the OEL vs. Japanese shoujo essay? I was about to re-scan them and my scanner made a grinding noise like it was locked down - although it's not - and right now I don't have the time to do troubleshooting *and* write the Tpop version of the essay tonight? *puppy dog eyeballs*

Scanlations won't work - it's going up on the publisher's site, after all. :D

ETA: SIcne I figured out what was wrong with my scanner, as I note in the ETA down below, I found that if I scan things at the top of the glass, they'll be OK, which solves most of my immediate problem. However, I got rid of my Peach Girl manga, so if anyone has Change of Heart #1 and can scan those two apges for me, that would be much appreciated. Otherwise, I'll end up using my text-erased versions. :D

(Instead of writing, I spent most of the day doing a big backup of all my files due to weird noises coming from my computer at one point that is probably a fan that needed to be warmed up, but might be an imminent hard drive failure. *sigh* I'm taking tomorrow off work to get everything else done that I was supposed to do this weekend. If the hard drive crumps, I'm taking Tuesday off as well, dammit, since I'll have to spend at least a full day restoring. And my eyes are still getting tired and making it harder to focus near the end of the day. WHINE.)

ETA: I think I figure out what's wrong with my scanner - the glass on one end isn't attached to the plastic frame surrounding it, and I think it's hititng the scanning assembly as it scans. Which means that I get to spend at least part of tomorrow on the phone with Epson tech support, finding out where in town I can bring it for fixing, or where I need to mail it, and that it's probably not covered under warranty or something. *sigh*

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