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This video is short (15 sec) and interesting and appropriate for non-gamers as well as gamers. And does not contain any Mass Effect: Andromeda spoilers.

We finished ME:A last night, after having not been able to play for 4 days due to friends and family over for the Easter weekend. This was the most memorable moment.
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I've uploaded two videos in the past couple of days:

Our morning routine, which is Nefer demanding I turn the shower on for her. She's quieter than usual in the video--normally she yells until I accede to her demands.

This next one is a video we pulled off the PS4 of Toby playing Fallout 4. If you didn't read my previous post (with the crappy video), he accidentally got into the biggest fight he'd ever been in in FO4, because it turns out that when you lay waste to the Institute, the game doesn't want you to leave and spawns dozens and dozens of synth troopers to fight you. Toby defeated them all armed only with a knife. (And a set of power armor. And some maxed-out Stealth and Blitz stats.) The PS4's framerate went to hell through trying to render all those troopers.

Highlights: The video starts midway through the first wave. Then skip to 4:32 for the beginning of the second wave. Then skip to 10 seconds before the end for the punchline of trying to close the elevator door on a giant pile of bodies.

Synth Trooper Scrum
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Two photos before I finish lunch and get back to work, one of a neighboring house and one of a glitch in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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JANE AUSTEN MMO. (Link goes to Kickstarter page, which has finished already, but from which you can download the prototype. I gather the beta opens in May?)
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1) AAAARRRGH my head is trying to hurt. I slept badly for the past 2 nights, and I don't know if it's a cause or a symptom, but my head (edit: Apparently I posted without finishing what I was trying to say. Don't remember now. Ah well.)

2) Working remotely today with my boss' blessing as the rat trap in my office ceiling was productive over the weekend. They removed the rat, but it has left a reminder of its presence behind. It was fine through most of yesterday, but near the end of the day a wave of stench rolled through (I guess the A/V system either turned off or turned on), so I'm giving it today to air out. I expect the smell will still be present tomorrow, but I've got a meeting so I have to be on campus. I've got a small fan, and will prop the door open and direct air outwards with the fan.

3) Toby becoming a Jewish mother: in Guild Wars II, like many video games, you can do crafting, which is finding objects, heading to a special places in the game, and putting them together to create other objects. In GWII, it's cooking: you go find ingredients, then head to cooking stations and make dishes by putting various ingredients together and seeing what you can make from that recipe. You can put dishes you make into your guild's storage (your guild being the people you're playing with online; our friends have got together to form one), and various guild members can grab food from storage and eat it. Most if not all of them confer some sort of benefit on you for doing that. Also, the storage can fill up so you can't put any more in until people eat it.

Hence Toby turning into a Jewish mother and urging everyone online at the time to go eat the food. "Eat! Eat! You're wasting away!"

4) Speaking of crafting and food, I've just gotten into ChefVille on Facebook and am going mad. Read more... )
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I have to say that the Duchess of Devonshire's Gossip Guide to the 18th Century wasn't the blog where I expected to run across Assassin's Creed III news.

And why does the game starring what looks like a kickass woman of color have to be on a device that our household does not own, instead of one of the approximately one billion devices we do? I shall remain in the dark as to how her tricorn stays on during her Leaps of Faith.*

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Toby got Lego Harry Potter for the XBox for Christmas, and has spent his free time lately blowing through it. At one point after he'd finished the plot and was in free play collecting stuff Lucius Malfoy was one of his active characters, and the game glitched a little and Malfoy Sr. got stuck gesturing with his wand in a rather unfortunate manner.

My inner 12 year old boy found it hilarious.

Also as a librarian I find this bit hilarious: Malfoy Senior training for the Ref Desk 500.

ETA: Also, as soon as Toby got the game token that allows you to change wands into carrots, he implemented it and has spent hours wandering around the game world toting a large magic-producing carrot.


Oct. 26th, 2011 12:26 pm
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If you liked my previous link to Battlefield 3 game glitch videos, you'll probably like Cracked's recent article on The 8 Creepiest Glitches Hidden in Popular Video Games.

My new favorite may be the glitch in Red Dead Redemption wherein an NPC is replaced by a floating gun-wielding coyote speaking in a Mexican accent, although I haven't finished the article yet so that may change.
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...from watching [ profile] myrialux play Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.

Ezio the Assassin is the biggest house flipper in Renaissance Rome. ("Flip This Villa" as Toby says.)

There is nothing funnier than accidentally calling your horse at the wrong time. Except maybe accidentally picking up a body when you're trying to loot it.

Rome has the most well-behaved horses around. None of them spook when Ezio runs into or falls on them, they climb stairs with ease. But they can't step over dead bodies and stand there, ineffectually walking in place, until the rider manages to aim them in another direction.

Romans of the time have a love for street theatre that outstrips that of Ankh-Morporkians, as they will often come toward a deadly street brawl.

If you take Ezio in and out of high profile really quickly, he looks kind of like he's beatboxing.

Ezio really wants to climb down that ladder, even though you don't want him to.

Ignore the well-armored man hiding in the convenient haystack!

Roman guards don't get paid very well. Hardly worth looting their bodies unless you need the money for more house-flipping.

Romans lace their towers with high explosives and make their banners out of flash paper. It's amazing the damage one torch can do.

You'd think guards would learn not to push Ezio around.

Ezio's mom and sister are hanging out in a brothel and he has no problem with that.

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I just pre-ordered the official English translation of the Okami artbook. :) Due out in about 6 weeks or so; I plan on completely forgetting about it so that it's an utter surprise whenever it arrives on my doorstep.

And it seems that Okami appeals to the artists - well, duh - because a search for "Okami" on DeviantArt brings up a remarkable array of fanart, most of which is decent and a fair proportion of which is pretty damn good.

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