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Posting in lieu of emailing the link to Toby, as there's a spoiler in the titles of one of the videos on the right side of the YouTube page. Feel free to watch it if you're not Toby, but it won't make sense unless you've seen the first couple of episodes of Game of Thrones (no spoilers).

Tyrion Slaps Joffrey For 10 Minutes To Achilles Last Stand
(Joffrey being the insufferable Lannister prince.)

(BTW, it is truly a tragedy that Peter Dinklage, the actor playing Tyrion, has done only one audiobook that I can find (and only one small part of it, not the whole thing!), because OMG THAT VOICE.)
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Assassin's Creed for the Kinect!

We lost it at the running-in-circles at the loading screen bit. XD

For you non-gamers, let's just say Assassin's Creed is the epitome of games you DO NOT want to be acting out. :) (And when the next section of the game is loading, you can control the main character, but you can't do much, so everyone just makes him run in circles to stave off boredom for the 15-20 second or so it takes to load.)

Human LED

Feb. 23rd, 2012 02:02 pm
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From South Korea: stadium shenanigans using differently-colored clothes instead of cards, the way you usually see it.

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What dos this violist do when a Nokia cell phone interrupts his performance? Watch and see.
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Toby got Lego Harry Potter for the XBox for Christmas, and has spent his free time lately blowing through it. At one point after he'd finished the plot and was in free play collecting stuff Lucius Malfoy was one of his active characters, and the game glitched a little and Malfoy Sr. got stuck gesturing with his wand in a rather unfortunate manner.

My inner 12 year old boy found it hilarious.

Also as a librarian I find this bit hilarious: Malfoy Senior training for the Ref Desk 500.

ETA: Also, as soon as Toby got the game token that allows you to change wands into carrots, he implemented it and has spent hours wandering around the game world toting a large magic-producing carrot.
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So Battlefield 3 is a first person shooter game currently in open beta. There have been some quite amusing glitches showing up on YouTube from players who go in the beta

Note there is Language involved if you happen to be near small children, people who get the vapors from it, or in a conservative workplace.

(ETA: Aaaand now DW's video embed code is no longer working, so here's the URLS!)

I will never not find video game glitches like this funny. (Yes, I've seen the Red Dead Redemption glitches!)
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NONONONO cat. Video of a cat with a distinctive way of complaining. (Yes, the cat is scared - according to the commentary it's freaked out by seeing a child for the first time. It's letting its owner pet it, so it's not fully frightened - there are many of us who bear scars from picking up or touching a completely frightened cat!)

And this is what happens when you open NONONONO Cat in several browser tabs and let them play all at once. It's a crescendo of NONONO Cat.

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