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Decided to see if there was a crossposting plugin for Wordpress that would post to LJ. Yup. And looks like I can even force comments to be made to WP instead, and have it tag on LJ (not that I have any useful tags on WP). It’s supposed to even edit and update the LJ post if I do that over here on WP.

Now if only I had a use for it… :)

ETA: Well, it posts, although it gives me horrible error messages. :D

ETA2: Testing to see if disabling a particular plugin stops it throwing errors. Mind you, there doesn’t seem to be a way to tell it not to crosspost something if you don’t want to.

ETA3: Yup, a plugin that I don’t even use was causing the problem. Deactivate plugin; problem solved. Woo!

Testing LJ-cuts to see if they work )

Um, wow, they do (I’m using the Code editor and not the rich text editor in Wordpress, BTW). Now to test the More tag for WP…

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