Sep. 22nd, 2010 09:43 am
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In two weeks, we shall be in London! Woo! I know I said something earlier about not meeting anyone for lunch or whatever, but [ profile] myrialux says he's OK with that as long as whoever we meet is OK with him sitting in a corner not saying anything. So if you're in London from the 7th to the 10th* and want to get together for a lunch or dinner, let me know! We might not be able to work the times out, but hey.

Also: anything you think we should definitely see/do/buy in London, Tenby, Cardiff, or Brighton? We will be geeky dorks in Cardiff and go find the Ianto Jones shrine, provided it's still there, and probably be shameless tourists and do the Doctor Who Experience. We're only one night in Tenby, as we've hired a guide for the day who will pick us up there and go around bits of western Wales, including Carmarthen where I spent a semester, before depositing us in Cardiff.

Anyway, woo! (need to check a few more things off the list, including getting flu shots before going...)

* We're there from the 6th to the 11th, but on the 6th will be staggering around like drunks as we attempt to stay awake long enough to go to bed at the proper time for the UK, and thus not good company, and we're heading out to Wales on the 11th.
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I'm constructing a rough (very rough!) budget for the October trip [ profile] myrialux, and am not sure what to budget for food per day. Obviously, it'll probably be a bit higher in London than in the hinterlands. We're not interested in maxing out on cheap food - I for one find that eating really good food is one of the purposes of a trip - but we're not going to be eating dinner in places that require coat and tie, either. The idea is to budget enough so that we can drop into pretty much any sort of restaurant short of coat-and-tie and not worry about the money. (That being said, we both have fond memories of sandwich shops, so will end up eating a lot, I expect! I am already jonesing for egg-and-cress.)

So ... any ideas? I'm currently *over*estimating on my budget because I always like having more money than I really need. :)

For those who are curious, it's looking more an more like this trip will be confined to the south of England and Wales, as I want to go back over my old Carmarthen stomping grounds and Toby wants to go to Cardiff and back to Brighton for more than the two hours he got to spend wandering around last time he was there. (We're both interested in a later trip that focuses on Scotland, so never fear, we will eventually get there although we don't know what year that may be!)

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