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This is an incredibly long reply I wrote to someone on the forums at Manga Revolution, who asked for tips on selling prints in artist alleys. About halfway through I realized it needed to be written up as a tutorial, with better organization and design, and plan on doing so but thought I'd solicit other people's advice and experiences with selling art at anime cons, so am posting it here first.

I didn't even get into the mechanics of selling: change, keeping track of sales, whether to store prints on the table or behind it, etc. Advice and stories on that appreciated. :)

Naturally, this advice is geared towards anime conventions, not regular SF or comic cons, as that's what I sell at.

ETA: I didn't edit the BBcode into HTML, so the links look a bit funny. :)

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I just gave a huge reply on DA to someone who wanted to know how I blended my lines into my coloring. Reposting here in case I felt like working it up into a tutorial. :D

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While inking a page earlier today, I took pictures of the process and during my off time at the ref desk tonight wrote up a tutorial following the process I've been using while inking Spindrift. It's posted over on the PandaBuddha Manga page, and you can get a preview of a page you haven't seen yet, plus ogle the MOSTLY-NAKED MAN in the tutorial.

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