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This Reddit thread on objects not working quite the way they're designed to got me thinking about my mom's toaster. It's got a spiffy sort of 30s-looking curve to it, but as a result, if you're toasting bread from a rounded loaf, like a lot of sourdough or artisanal breads, when the toast pops out it pops a bit forward and the rounded top continues the bread on its way over the edge of the slot, so you come back to find your newly-toasted toast on the floor.

I discovered, though, that if I pushed the toaster back on the counter and placed a plate in front of it, I'd come back to find my newly-toasted toast sitting happily on the plate. Bug into feature!

(Still no intartubes at home, so way, way behind on LJ/DW. AT&T claims tomorrow afternoon is on for install, so cross your fingers!)

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