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One of the shows I love (and have not watched in a good long time thanks to not aheming them for almost two years now), is the UK show Time Team. It's an archaeology show where the team - actual, working archaeologists and historians plus Tony Robinson as the host - show up to a site and do some investigation and archaeology over the course of two or three days to answer a question about the site. Love it.

It's been in for a lot of criticism by others for the superficial way the sites are excavated, but they're not doing a proper dig: what they're doing is survey archaeology: preliminary test pits done to see if a site warrants further investigation. It's not a full dig and doesn't pretend to be. And it can open a small window onto the history of a site although usually the digs end up bringing up more questions than they answer. :)

This is all a huge intro to note that Time Team America starts on PBS on Wednesday and that I've already set the TiVo to record a season pass for it. Here's hoping that it contains the same formula as the UK version and is not screwed up after transport across the pond as so many shows are.

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