Sep. 17th, 2006 08:50 pm
telophase: (Default)
I am reconsidering my assessment of my toe as non-broken: much of the general swelling has gone down, leaving a nice big lump right at the impact point, and it's actually starting to hurt a bit when I bend it, and throb a little when I'm just sitting there not doing anything. Again, not that it changes anything other than allowing me to whine a lot online and at my mother.

No picture, because my digital camera inexplicably reboots Windows when I disconnect it, whether I disconnect it properly using the Add/Remove Hardware, or improperly by turning it off, and as I'm not wanting to take the time for it to reboot at the moment, I'm not using the camera. (The iPod doesn't do that, however.)

Yeah, ok, I'm really posting because I'm in the midst of writng a Tpop column (on Osamu Tezuka, this time) and am finding all sorts of ways to distract myself. But my toe still might be broken.

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