Sep. 6th, 2013 08:29 pm
telophase: (goku - chewing)
We went to a sushi place tonight that we hadn't been to in far too long, Tokyo Cafe. Tonight, we ordered:

  • Braised Japanese pork belly starter (yum!)

  • Tok Fries, which are French fries that you dip into (a) chili mayonnaise, then (b) furikake

  • Toby got the beef tataki roll, which is made with panko shrimp, roasted bell peppers, cream cheese, avocado, seared angus sirloin, garlic pepper sauce. He loved it.

  • He also got the seared albacore nigiri

  • I had one of the daily specials, a Big Eye tuna and melon crudo. The tuna slices were laid on top of lightly pickled honeydew melon, then topped with a little bit of scallion in a yuzu sauce. This was fantastic--the light flavors go well with the tuna, and you get first a bright tang from the melon, lightly tempered by the tuna, then the sour yuzu citrus slams into your mouth at the end. It came with four pieces, which was the perfect number, as the yuzu built up and after any more than four, you'd be tasting nothing but yuzu.

  • It wasn't a vast amount of food, and we could have shared another roll, but instead we stopped by Central Markupet and got dessert--I a slice of chocolate cake, he a cannoli.

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