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So instead of listening to all your music suggestions and telling you whether or not that's what I'm looking for, tonight I watched this strange little Korean comedy called The Fox Family. The setup is that there is a family of Korean spirit foxes (kumiho), who have been living for 1000 years. If they survive that long, then manage to eat a human liver during the 30-minute period of a lunar eclipse, they will become human.

The Fox Family, consisting of the father, the son, the older daughter, and the younger daughter - because they either never said each other's names or the translators didn't bother with them - have come down off of Kam Mountain one month before the lunar eclipse, in order to hunt down some humans for this.

Naturally, complications ensue. You see, there's a serial killer loose in the area, and a very suspicious detective wandering around asking questions of strange people. And the Fox Family has disguised themselves as a traveling circus, in order to lure people into their clutches.

Oh, and did I mention it was a musical? )

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