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My mother and I went through a number of boxes from the attic in her old house this weekend. Mostly my old books, most of which I hauled to Half-Price Books[1], but some of my dad's stuff.

My dad was an amateur jeweler for a decade or so, and we have a few old rings and a couple of pendants that he made that I might attempt to sell soon[2], since Mom and I have already taken whatever pieces we wanted. I also have two small boxes filled with semi-precious (very very semi, in most cases) stones, one box cabochons and one faceted, that are just sitting there which I need to figure out a way to dispose of. Preferably for money, although I know I wouldn't get much - a small stone that sold for $1.25 in 1980 isn't going to appreciate a serious amount. :)

So - is anyone here a jeweler/crafter/creator of some sort or know of any who would consider buying some of these? They're mostly very small. I can get photos up once Mom mails my camera back, as I managed to forget it at her place.

There's three much nicer stones that I may well just get appraised and keep them, since Mom suggested perhaps getting a pendant made for at least one. There's a teardrop faceted amethyst (which retailed for $26 about 1980 or so XD), a small faceted stone with no ID whatsoever, but it's kept in a separate box like the amethyst is, and a light blue topaz that has a $289 price tag. I especially want to keep that one, as I remember being complicit in its purchase - Dad bought it at a gem store in the old Olla Podria mall in Dallas during the late 70s or early 80s, and told me to Don't Tell Your Mother I Bought This. I told her that on Saturday, and we laughed ourselves silly. :)

[1] 12 boxes full. I kept 3 boxes' worth. :D

[2] Very simple bezels - Dad was all into not bothering with elaborate work showing the natural beauty of the stone, so you'd basically end up with a polished agate or other cabochon set into a simple silver band. If that sounds good, I may have the ring for you!

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