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2017-07-10 11:08 am

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a story in four pictures:

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2017-06-30 08:40 am

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man, gotta love those spammers who rely on people using their real names in their email addresses. "Are you telophase14 from Old School?" is the one I just got. (and it actually says "Old School"; I didn't elide that for privacy or anything.)

In other news, definitely feeling better--this is either the weirdest damn cold I've ever had or the weirdest damn allergy attack I've ever had, in that it was a cold for two and a half days and then mostly quit, leaving behind a bit of a cough, a bit of a sniffle, and exhaustion.
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2017-06-27 08:53 am

random updates

Last week I posted under lock about a mysterious bump on my thyroid and sore throat that I'd gone to the doc for. Had the scan on Wednesday, got the results on Friday: just a cyst. Yay. Doc says we'll rescan in a year unless it changes dramatically.

Mom came up this weekend to go to one of the local art museums, which has an exhibition of paintings from a collection that focuses on the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including a lot of Impressionists. Alas, I am just not an Impressionist type of person. The painting I liked best was Alfred Sisley's Snow at Louveciennes, and that was because it reminded me of tramping through the snow in Arashiyama, Kyoto--the small hilly village, the snow, the feeling of cold in the air.

I pretty much spent the time Mom wasn't here playing Skyrim, and have come up with an actual motivation for Murderface 2.0! That shall wait for a real post. Let's just say it's petty and completely disproportionate to his actions.

I have discovered a brand of lactose-free yogurt and have been eating yogurt pretty steadily over the past few days thanks to antibiotic side effects, the less said about which the better. But plain yogurt with maple syrup is rather addictive.

And to end it all with, I now have another sore throat, which is much more obviously a respiratory-related thing than last week's was, and I am expecting to come down with a cold Any Moment Now, given my general run-down feeling right now. Alas. (I may be continuing to play Skyrim, in that case...)
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2017-04-09 08:40 am

Potential new neighbor

We've got a possible new neighbor. He's small and industrious, but I'm not sure he approves of Toby and me. He was out working on his house site yesterday, at the same time as Toby and I were out back putting our patio furniture together, and he kept coming out of the door and eyeing us suspiciously.

He may decide that living next to us is not worth the risk.

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2017-04-04 09:44 am

Well, they finally did it.

It's been a good 15ish years, but this new agreement LJ wants me to sign has done it. I'm stopping crossposting to LJ and moving over to Dreamwidth. You can find me there at [personal profile] telophase, same as LJ, and if you don't want to get a DW you can use OpenID to comment with your LJ, Facebook, or other creds. A warning: if I don't log in to LJ for 6 months, they can now delete my account and free up the user name, so I may vanish if I forget to do that.

The bits of the agreement I'm eyeing sideways under the cut:

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2017-03-20 09:57 am


Well, anyone in North Texas that is.

Part of the reason I've been scarce around here lately is that I've been occupied with a family of feral cats that took up residence in our back yard.

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2017-03-10 12:54 pm

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Figures from Renaissance paintings photoshopped into present-day photos.

Been quiet online here, mostly due to hanging out on a couple of private Slack channels instead of my normal haunts. :)

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2017-02-28 07:44 pm

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Just got tickets for us for Circus 1903 in a few months. GIANT ELEPHANT PUPPETS. How could we not?

Other than that, not a vast amount happening around here.
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2017-02-08 09:21 am

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Upright and at work for the first time in a week, although not particularly happy about it.

In celebration, have a cat.
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2017-01-23 05:19 pm

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I posted about an annoying thing under f-lock, so to get myself feeling better, here's a couple of more positive things:

1) I went on a mad cleaning binge on December 31, and Jan 1 & 2 , and the house is still clean! It's helped that I scrounged and bought large baskets and other containers and put them into the rooms that collect clutter, and made them the Clutter Collection Bins: things that we'd normally just let sit around messing up the place, or things that need to stay out because one of us is returning to continue a project or whatnot go into the bins instead.

2) Toby continues to be hilarious at Fallout 4. Last night he took on dozens and dozens and DOZENS of synth troopers armed with only power armor and a knife. The PS4 almost died under the load of rendering all the bodies. I have a crappy phone video of two minutes of the fight, and we'll be pulling the 15 minutes that he managed to grab off the PS4 tonight and hopefully uploading it. How does this fight happen? Well, if you go into the Institute and lay waste to it, turns out the game really really doesn't want you to leave and so spawns wave after wave of synth troopers in an effort to try and stop you.
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2017-01-03 12:57 pm

I have cleaned ALL THE THINGS

Well, not "cleaned" so much as "defuckingcluttered" and not "all the things" so much as my office, the media room, and a couple of really sad corners in our master bedroom that had been piling up for a number of months.

For months I'd just been piling "things that go in my office" on the table in there, plus on the floor in front of it when the piles got so tall they were threatening the cats, and had been sick of it. December 31st, I decided that if I cleaned up all the places in the house that need cleaning, I could relax and read books without guilt until I had to go back to work on Jan 3rd.

Naturally, I then went into a 3-day-long decluttering binge and read absolutely zero books. At least the house looks the best it has since we moved in?

(I also need to declutter the hell out of my office closet and the master closet. But at least the visible parts of the house look pretty damn good.)
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2016-11-02 08:45 am

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I have one mosquito bite on each of my feet due to sitting outside on Halloween. AAARGGH
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2016-10-17 10:19 am

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I spent Saturday visiting [ profile] puppleball in Dallas while Toby went to his RPG group there. She and I went to this boil-in-a-bag seafood restaurant for dinner which was fantastic. Apparently it's got some mediocre reviews from people under the impression that it's a Cajun place that inexplicably fails to serve andouille and a few other Cajun things,'s not.

Anyway, [ profile] puppleball ordered for us, so what we got was a mix of shrimp, smoked sausage, snow crab legs, mini corn cobs and boiling potatoes, all boiled in a bag with their Bang sauce, which is a mixture of their three sauces: garlic butter, lemon pepper, and Old Bay Spice sauce. They bring the bag out and put it on the table, and you just grab stuff out of the bag and eat. They also bring you a giant plastic apron to wear, which is necessary. The sauce makes this thick tasty sludge on the bottom of the bag.

Anyway. At the end of the evening, when she was driving me over to the house where Toby was so we could go home, we were passed by an old beat-up blue Chevy pickup work truck, the sort with a framework on the back to which were strapped ladders and extension cords. Mounted on the hood was a set of longhorns.

Welcome to Texas, y'all.
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2016-08-03 08:49 am

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Argh, yesterday was one of those days where a horde of tiny little things go wrong just enough to annoy, anger, or frustrate me, but not be, in each of themselves, enough to be terrible. It culminated in my graphics tablet, which has been behaving wonkily for months now, going bad enough that I said the hell with it and ragequit the piece of art I was doing and bought a new tablet from Amazon that, at least, had free one-day shipping. And I went ahead and walked back on my principles because, dammit, although they have the customer service from hell, they make the best tablets. So that was yet another source of frustration.

And all that means that my head is doing twingey things at me because tension headaches are one of my big migraine triggers, so I'm not sure if I'm going to have to leave work and go take meds or not. Bah.
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2016-07-27 10:43 am


I took a vacation day today to get some work done on various art things and OF COURSE I wake up with a terrible headache. It's being slowly driven into submission but I'm not yet at the point where I can sit and focus on a screen for that long.

...I should probably get off the intertubes, in that case.
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2016-05-23 10:39 am

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Heh, well, this weekend turned out a little different than we intended because Toby got sick. Not sure with what, because it's the same symptoms he gets for EVERYTHING (fever, body aches), but he's feeling exhausted and cranky and spent the weekend playing Skyrim and Fallout 4 instead of all the things he'd planned.

And I spent Saturday playing video games, intending to get down to work on Sunday with all the design/art work I'm supposed to be doing, but because he felt so much worse on Sunday, ended up cooking so we'd have food this week if I get sick with what he's got. (He cooked also--made telera rolls because they didn't require him to stand up for long periods of time, and he felt like doing something constructive earlier in the day.)

I'm feeling pretty normal, though, so with luck I'm going to miss whatever it is he's got.
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2016-05-17 10:22 am

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Man, there's a lot of Skyrim and bird pics on my DW/LJ lately. But that's mostly because my life has been dental appointments, Skyrim, working on ebook covers as Augusta Scarlett, and watching Community. And in the past couple of days dealing with sleep deprivation.

Last week we went to a local Japanese restaurant's five-year celebration, which was set up in the form of a matsuri (Japanese festival). You bought tickets, and used them to buy various bits of food onna stick or food inna paper cone, and wandered about. I also had a cup of sake called The Fox's Wife, which smelled bready and tasted mild--I quite liked it.

We also went to see The Intergalactic Nemesis this weekend, a live-action graphic novel, as it was called. It was basically six performers: three voice actors doing all the dialogue, someone whose job was to project the comic panels (sans speech bubbles) on the screen and advance them as the actors carried on, someone who improvised the soundtrack on the piano, and the star of the show: the Foley artist, who did all the sound effects. The experience was interesting, although the story itself was eh, because it deliberately was aiming at all the standard '30s pulp tropes.

Before the show we ate at Yolk., which is so over-the-top hipster in the name (note the period) that it's hilarious. Quite tasty, though.

Also, yesterday at work I had the Mystery of the Missing Paper Towels. I keep a roll of paper towels in my office for lunch things, and yesterday my half-used roll was missing. No clues left behind. Today, as I brought in a new roll of paper towels, I passed by the trash can/cart used by Housekeeping and noticed a half-roll of my exact brand of paper towels in their stash of cleaning implements. My best guess is that whoever cleaned my office in the wee hours of the morning assumed it was theirs and picked it up. I'm not going to mention anything about it because complaining about a half-roll of paper towels feels petty, but my new roll is locked away in the cupboard in my office now.
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2016-04-29 04:38 pm


Can tick "drive through golf-ball-sized hail" off the bucket list. Do not recommend.

Most of it was quarter-sized, and I think nothing larger hit the car. I was terrified that the windshield would crack. Can't tell until the storm is over and we can inspect the car in better light than the garage has if there's any dents.

It was a very short-lived storm, luckily. I was still panicking whether I should pull over and shelter behind buildings when it ended. I was trapped at a light for most of it, and had gotten maybe 100 yards down the road when it ended.
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2016-04-18 10:12 am

ow ow ow ow ow

We did yardwork on Saturday morning. Toby cleaned up the immense number of twigs and sticks that had somehow gotten trapped in our yard after the past few sets of storms, and I attacked the back hedges, which were threatening to engulf the house, with the hedge trimmer.

Now I hurt all over, but especially my forearms and hands. Even my fingers have DOMS, and I don't think fingers HAVE muscles.
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2016-04-11 10:00 am


This is going to be the Year of the Theatre for Toby and I--we've already seen a couple of things I don't remember offhand, went to see David Mamet's Sexual Perversity in Chicago at the university where we work a couple of weeks back[1], and we went over to Dallas to watch/listen to/experience the Ghost Quartet on Saturday.[2]

The university is putting on The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas at the end of the month, which we may go to--and we've invited Toby's mom since she likes it--and we've got tickets to The Intergalactic Nemesis in May. WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END?

[1] Toby loves Mamet's dialogue, and neither of us had seen this play before. I'd seen the first About Last Night, which was an adaptation of it that Mamet hated, but remembered nothing other than the bathtub scene. Impressions: we both thought the whole of the play was sort of eh, the actors did a good job but Mamet kind of lost the thread in the middle. They set it in the era it was written-the '70s--but you could easily update it if you wanted to because the male characters are pretty much Red Pillers (Urban Dictionary link).

[2] "A song cycle about love, death, and whiskey." Ghost Quartet. The performers sing a number of songs that spiral around and in and out of myth, fairy tale, and mystery, following four generations of a family, focusing on the relationship between two sisters. We liked it a lot, although Toby thought they were trying a bit too hard at some points, while I disagree. :) Still. Highly recommended, if it comes by your place! You can also buy the soundtrack on Bandcamp, and I suggest that you do.

Staging was nifty--each of the performers plays a number of instruments, and the audience sits in a U-shape around a performance space. The women performers are on stage, mostly, while the two men sit out in the audience area. At times they interact with the audience--sending whiskey around at one point, handing percussion instruments out at another. What was unexpected and very effective is that for a space of about four songs, they turn out all the lights, so you're sitting in total darkness. For the ending (rot-13'd because it is kind of a spoiler), gur cresbezref oevat vafgehzragf bhg gb gur nhqvrapr naq tvir gurz gb nhqvrapr zrzoref naq unir gung crefba cynl vg (klybcubar, qehz, rgp), naq nsgre rnpu zrzore cnffrf bhg n srj bs gurz, gurl fvyragyl qvfnccrne. Riraghnyyl jr nyy ernyvmr gung gur nhqvrapr vf cebivqvat gur zhfvp, naq vg'f hc gb hf jura gb fgbc vg. :) Bapr rirelbar qevsgf gb n fgbc, gur cresbezref erghea gb gnxr gurve objf.