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Now we're feeling the effects of the hurricane up here--Houston is one of the main ports through which gas gets brought into the area, so it's getting difficult to find a gas station with gas available.

Luckily Toby's car is a new Niro hybrid and we managed to fill it yesterday, and my car is 2/3 full so we can go about 750 miles, although not in a straight line, before having to get more gas, and they should have found new places to truck it in by then.
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Because I've had occasional inquiries: we live in North Texas, 300 miles away from the closest coast and 650 feet up from sea level, so we are A-OK, and the rain is actually quite nice up here. We have friends and family further south, but our immediate family is just getting lots of rain (mid-Texas), and all of our Houston friends have checked in and either weathered the storm OK or left Houston ahead of it.
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Jury duty today and ended up on a jury, so cannot discuss life until this trial is over.

But because we are in Texas, the security line where you take your shoes off to get scanned had a bootjack available, attorneys wandered the halls in cowboy hats, cowboy boots, or both, and when explaining that Texas does not allow anyone with a conviction of theft to serve as a juror, the judge made sure to clarify that rustlin' counted. Yes, rustling cattle.

(ps--our internet was back on this morning WE ARE BACK IN CIVILIZATION AGAIN)
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a story in four pictures:

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man, gotta love those spammers who rely on people using their real names in their email addresses. "Are you telophase14 from Old School?" is the one I just got. (and it actually says "Old School"; I didn't elide that for privacy or anything.)

In other news, definitely feeling better--this is either the weirdest damn cold I've ever had or the weirdest damn allergy attack I've ever had, in that it was a cold for two and a half days and then mostly quit, leaving behind a bit of a cough, a bit of a sniffle, and exhaustion.
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Last week I posted under lock about a mysterious bump on my thyroid and sore throat that I'd gone to the doc for. Had the scan on Wednesday, got the results on Friday: just a cyst. Yay. Doc says we'll rescan in a year unless it changes dramatically.

Mom came up this weekend to go to one of the local art museums, which has an exhibition of paintings from a collection that focuses on the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including a lot of Impressionists. Alas, I am just not an Impressionist type of person. The painting I liked best was Alfred Sisley's Snow at Louveciennes, and that was because it reminded me of tramping through the snow in Arashiyama, Kyoto--the small hilly village, the snow, the feeling of cold in the air.

I pretty much spent the time Mom wasn't here playing Skyrim, and have come up with an actual motivation for Murderface 2.0! That shall wait for a real post. Let's just say it's petty and completely disproportionate to his actions.

I have discovered a brand of lactose-free yogurt and have been eating yogurt pretty steadily over the past few days thanks to antibiotic side effects, the less said about which the better. But plain yogurt with maple syrup is rather addictive.

And to end it all with, I now have another sore throat, which is much more obviously a respiratory-related thing than last week's was, and I am expecting to come down with a cold Any Moment Now, given my general run-down feeling right now. Alas. (I may be continuing to play Skyrim, in that case...)
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We've got a possible new neighbor. He's small and industrious, but I'm not sure he approves of Toby and me. He was out working on his house site yesterday, at the same time as Toby and I were out back putting our patio furniture together, and he kept coming out of the door and eyeing us suspiciously.

He may decide that living next to us is not worth the risk.

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It's been a good 15ish years, but this new agreement LJ wants me to sign has done it. I'm stopping crossposting to LJ and moving over to Dreamwidth. You can find me there at [personal profile] telophase, same as LJ, and if you don't want to get a DW you can use OpenID to comment with your LJ, Facebook, or other creds. A warning: if I don't log in to LJ for 6 months, they can now delete my account and free up the user name, so I may vanish if I forget to do that.

The bits of the agreement I'm eyeing sideways under the cut:

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Well, anyone in North Texas that is.

Part of the reason I've been scarce around here lately is that I've been occupied with a family of feral cats that took up residence in our back yard.

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Figures from Renaissance paintings photoshopped into present-day photos.

Been quiet online here, mostly due to hanging out on a couple of private Slack channels instead of my normal haunts. :)

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