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Even the squirrel is upset at the lack of service around this joint. Soon we'll have to put an UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT sign out to get diners to show up.

Cut for pics. And squirrel nipples. )
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Toby worked from home yesterday and reported back that Narcissus was indeed strutting up and down on the windowsill and pecking the window. He is not deterred by his two-dimensional paper rival!

Click this link to get to an entire album of pics of Narcissus.
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Narcissus the dove came back!

According to the pictures, [s]he spent some time strutting up and down the windowsill. Toby works from home tomorrow, and has promised to report back about whether the window-pecking and cooing continue.
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Still no dove on the windowsill. But Sora investigated again.

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So after a small discussion in the comments on DW yesterday about whether the dove was romancing the dove in the window or not, I printed and cut out a picture of the dove and taped it to the window to see what our visitor thinks of its rival for the window-dove's affections.

The dove has not yet shown up today, but it's early.
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See this dove?

I've seen a lot of this dove. This dove has spent Tuesday, Wednesday, and today parading up and down the windowsill and (I know, since I stayed home yesterday*) pecking on the window and cooing.

Do you think it's romancing the dove in the window, or is it just demanding food from us?

* Roof had a little damage in the mid-December storms--just missing shingles, nothing bad--and the insurance adjusters came out to inspect yesterday.
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The spycam on the windowsill looking at the feeders has shown me there is a white-winged dove that has been wandering around the windowsill all morning looking for food. And probably heat, as it's all fluffed up.

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Remember how we have the kitty spycam set up in the laundry/litterbox room to keep an eye on the cats? It means I also know when Toby does laundry or, as today, when the cleaners are at the house.

So after I got an email from the cam that featured the toes of one of the cleaners as she came in, I emailed Toby with "i see the cleaners are here. *spies on you*"

This is what the ingrate sent me )

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