Spider ID?

Jun. 17th, 2008 09:15 pm
telophase: (Near - que?)
Any passing entomologists want to ID this spider for me? And NO it's not a black widow. :) It (and several of its sisters/children/cousins) are hanging out in my garage, and as the light isn't very good in there I couldn't tell if it had the hourglass on the abdomen (I'm kind of vague on the general silhouette of the black widow other than the bulbous abdomenXD), so I took this photo hoping that the macro setting would focus well enough in low light for me to tell. It worked enough for me to figure out it's not a black widow, which is the difference between going down there NOW with spider extermination in mind, or getting rid of the majority of them in my own time.

(Anyone who tells me that spiders are GOOD and kill other bugs is cordially invited to bite it. When the garage door electric eye sensor that keeps the door from shutting if there's something in the way has seven egg cases on it that is officially Too Damn Many Spiders. I don't mind them in small doses.)

Cut for ENORMOUS PICTURE of fairly small spider. )

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