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Head still slightly hurts. Am currently watching Shounen Onmyouji* disc 2 since Netflix INSISTS on not sending my any more Kyo Kara Maoh discs DESPITE having them marked as "Available Now" in my queue (And it's not a matter of the database not being caught up, unless the database is a week behind, because it's read "Available Now" for TWO SOLID WEEKS).

I think the SO subtitlers have taken one lesson from the Saiyuki Reload Gunlock subtitlers: the evil demon bird** is perched on a rooftop berating the good guys for winning the current round, and it says:
Darn you! How could you do that!

* Might as well increase my potential [ profile] yuletide fandoms.

** Yes, [ profile] rachelmanija, it's an evil demon bird. More like an eagle than a chicken, though.

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