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Kazuya Minekura is out of surgery, and notes she received thousands of paper cranes. There's a shout-out link to [ profile] cranes4minekura in the article. :) (ETA: Apparently this post on her blog mentions the cranes? Anyone who can read Japanese willing to give the gist of the crane part? ETA2: [ profile] devikun obliged in the comments over on LJ. Thank you!)
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I think most of the people on my LJ/DW who read Saiyuki read enough other people to know this already, but in case not...

Minekura-sensei has a serious bone disease and is going into surgery before too long to correct some of it (it is incurable - treatment focuses on reliving symptoms). [personal profile] snarp has translated her most recent blog entry about it.

There is also an LJ community, [ profile] cranes4minekura, devoted to getting 1000 paper cranes folded and sent to her to embody the well-wishes of her international fans. The first deadline is, er, today, but it looks like there's overwhelming support for collecting more and sending a second batch later on, so keep folding!


Mar. 16th, 2010 04:02 pm
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I spent some time this weekend scouring the intartubes for free piano sheet music and found a small thriving fan community that transliterates (is that the right word?) transcribe (I knew I 'd remember the right word if I hit Post) music from anime and video games and posts said sheet music on the web. Naturally, the vast majority is far too complex for my current m4d skillz*, but it's now awakened in me the desire to find sheet music for "Wake up Heart!" by Masaki Nomiyama, from the Saiyuki Reload Image Album 1, because there's a fairly simple-sounding theme repeated in it that (a) sounds like something I could achieve and (b) I really like.

Naturally, I can find all sorts of Saiuyki music except that one. *sigh*

Japanese-language readers: do you know if there's any way to find and buy it online (music stores, Japanese auction sites)? Reading around convinces me that as part of the Manga/Anime Marketing Machine that the publishers excel in, sheet music is often produced. It's been long enough that it may no longer be available, though, even if this album had sheet music.

* I can occasionally move my hand from one set of keys to another without pausing more than a second! Ph33r my skillz!
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Translation of part of an interview with Kazuya Minekura -- note: minor spoilers about the end of Saiyuki Gaiden (that you'd probably figured out anyway) and how it's connecting to the main story arc of Saiyuki.
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For those of you who remember my Saiyuki Reload Gunlock version of Telophase's Out-of-Context Theatre and HK Bad Subs Report, and most especially the comments in this post, we have a sighting of Rabbi Sanzo in the wild!
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Not cosplay, just crappy snapshots of three things I drew and something my table-mate,, drew for me.

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Aug. 27th, 2009 08:07 pm
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My Saiyuki Reloads are all packed up at the moment ... can someone hook me up with a chapter or two (raws are OK) featuring Youkai Hakkai and Gojyo for reference purposes? THANK YOU
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Shira-chan over on DeviantArt has a nicely in-character pic of the Sanzo-ikkou....

Tea blends

Mar. 12th, 2009 10:18 am
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I was poking back at Adagio Teas, to see what they'd come up with since the last time I'd been there.* They offer custom blends of teas now - you can blend like mad and not be obligated to buy - and while I knew about it, I hadn't paid much attention to it.

But now ... I feel inspired to create a Sanzo-themed tea, and have done so. It's currently marked private, until I feel it's right (and dare to buy it). At the moment it's 80% gunpowder and 20% lapsang souchong. Gunpowder is a green tea whose leaves are rolled into little 'bullets,' described as producing a full-bodied cup with a hint of smokiness. Lapsang souchong is a tea formed by smoking the tea leaves over a fire, and when it's brewed it smells like wood smoke.** You either love it or hate it, and I love it. You can toss some into another kind of tea when brewing to produce a nice hint of smoke.

Whether I like the blend or not...? The teas I like seem to be described as "smoky" (although not to the literal extent that Lapsang Souchong is), so there's a possibility, although I tend not to like green teas. Hm.

Anyway ... ideas for tea blends for the rest of them? I'd think that Golden Monkey might be a large component of Goku's tea, while Hakkai might sip demurely on an oolong. If you wanted to be literal, Gojyo might be a rooibos (a.k.a. red tea), but ... I really don't like rooibos. :)

* [ profile] chomiji, of the things off my wishlist you sent, I really love the Fujian Baroque. Yum!

** To the point where I don't brew it at work, because otherwise people from down the hall will be sticking their heads into the office, asking what's on fire. No joke.

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