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Minus the snark this time! Sorry! Even though I usually post uber-snarky reviews under friendslock, the artists have this habit of showing up here and occasionally friending me and then, dammit, being interesting people I want to friend back and thus cause me to wonder if they're going to hate me for snarking the hell out of them SO YOU CAN ALL BLAME THEM FOR HAVING THE TEMERITY TO BE INTERESTING, LIKEABLE PEOPLE!

So Tokyopop posted the ... gawdalmighty ... twenty-four finalists in this year's Rising Stars of Manga competition for votes for the Reader's Favorite (by March 12 - get your vote in soon!). I've read all 24 now, and here's my take on them. Plus a bonus list of Things You Mangaka Need To Think About When Drawing Your RSOM Entry.

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The winners of the Rising Stars of Manga competition have been announced. (And [ profile] maiteoida, who's on my friendslist, got second place! Congratulations!)

They also have announced RSOM 7, which is structured differently, according to genre now.
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And the final 10 of my reviews of this year's Rising Stars of Manga finalists.

What I really have to say to everyone who is thinking of entering the next one: you know that the finalists will be posted online. Use a bigger font, dammit! Nobody will vote for your story if they can't read your story!

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My reviews of the first ten finalists in this year's Rising Stars of Manga contest.

The very very short version is: having a year between contests instead of six months worked to the best. The art and stories are significantly better than the majority of last year's entries.

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The small, tiny, egotistical part of myself wants to know how many of the people who did these read my analyses. XD

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