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(Several? One totally random thing always works for me! That being said...)
Art show questions, router woes, dreams, curtains, etc. )
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Hrm. Today's the sort of day I'd love to waste spend in neepery of one sort or another on LJ, but I can't actually think of any topics that would generate lots of talk and debate. Or at least the sort of talk and debate I'd want to actually participate in - art, writing, dissecting manga characters/plots/whatever.

and the usual "Entertain me!" demand doesn't work right now, because when that happens, people post links and GAH! NO! HUMAN INTERACTION! (or a reasonable facsimile thereof.)

I have to give a presentation on social networking on Thursday, since the one I was supposed to give earlier got cut to about 30 seconds since SOMEONE ELSE ran over their presentation time by about 150%, and need to actually start writing that. :P (this is not a request for advice or info on that, as I already have all I need - it's a short presentation. It's just a whine.)


Dec. 15th, 2007 10:35 pm
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1. Now that I've written that Bleach fic, I can't take Ghost Hunters seriously when they do a provocation to try to get a spirit to respond. Er, not that I took them seriously to start with, but you know what I mean.

2. People who post icons and say THESE ARE NOT BASES DO NOT ALTER THEM when the icons are merely cropped from a manga page or screenshot and tinted one color with no other work whatsoever? MISSING THE POINT. Makes me want to go to the manga and crop the exact same picture out and put text on it JUST TO SPITE THEM.

3. My cat is having some sort of nice dream, I think. She's sitting next to me, sound asleep, and making smacking noises with her mouth.

4. Aaaaand now that I've found out who did this icon so I can credit them, I can use it. :D

5. The most useful word in Scrabulous that I've found so far? Qaid. A q word without a U is something to treasure close to your heart.

6. Tilapia poached in a sauce made of soy sauce, water, wine, onion, ginger, and sugar is amazingly good.
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From the Art Prompt Generator:

Riff off of the theme of pretending it's not broken, while incorporating kissing and dripping wet hair.

[Poll #1009007]
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Show a priestess, and a corset. The piece should not contain any sort of a mechanical host body.
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Yes! It's ...... the Random Art Prompt Generator!

Featuring a choice of simple (one word or phrase) prompts or elaborate (two or more elements)!

And if you do anything inspired by this, please show me! (if anyone actually does anything with it, I might create an online gallery for it. :D)
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...because I am not a SHEEP and am not blogging ZOMBIES like the rest of you moo-cows. mostly because I have no ideas I am instead MIXING METAPHORS and hoping to get some sort of EMAIL ACTION happening tomorrow morning when I get to work and need to read non-work-related things while I wake up.

At A-Kon, most of the time when someone looked at the Bleach Spa Day picture and laughed, I said "You just know that somewhere in Soul Society there's a salon making money hand over fist!" Most of the time people laughed and agreed with me. I think the couple of times they didn't they were people who weren't familiar with Bleach but just thought the picture was funny.

Anyway, one of the people laughed, nodded her head, and said something like "Yeah, it didn't really work out as a Soul Reaper, so I chose to do something more challenging - Soul Reaper Stylist!"

Which struck me as a fic or doujinshi waiting to happen. *eyeballs friendslist* I EXPECT GENIUS, PEOPLE! and part of me totally wants to draw that.

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Go not to [ profile] little_details for counsel, for they will say both yes and no and This is the way CSI did it.

Sorry, not sure I could really reconstruct the thought processes that led to that, but if you read [ profile] little_details, You Understand.
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Happy Ides of March! Presumably none of you need beware.

And in a non-sequitory kind of way, let me make it perfectly clear that I understand Walt Whitman's place in the American canon, but I still don't like his poetry very much. And the same can be said of Watchmen.

Oh, fine, if you insist on an explanation. )

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