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Next-to-last class in the short painting course I'm taking was Saturday. I'm alomost all the way trhough that Tiepolo copy I was working on - it's now down to jsut the details.

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The guy I've been working on for the past few days is done!



Feb. 18th, 2006 09:53 pm
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Been working away on that picture that I've been showing under friendslock, and here's a small preview of part of it for the world...

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The exercise this week and next week (and possibly the week after, if it takes that long) is to replicate part of a classic painting. I hadn't picked anything by the time I got to class, but the teacher had brought in a pack of postcards of the painter Tiepolo's works, so I picked Rinaldo and Armida in the Enchanted Garden.

Did the underpainting today - mixed burnt umber with the solvent and put a wash over the entire canvas, then went through with paper towels and paintbrushes to lift areas of negative space off. (and then went back with burnt umber when I'd liffted off too much, and back again with the solvent when I'd put too much back, and so on). Next week, I get to learn how toa dd color to it. Whee. :)

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Started a short painting class today. The teacher had us use black and white only, to work with tones, and mix all our greys out of that. She had us go through magazines, pick a picture, and cut a small bit out of it to abstract the shapes, and then paint that.

Maybe you can figure out what the original picture was. :D

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