Oct. 6th, 2014 09:48 am
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Owl videos via [livejournal.com profile] james_nicoll and commenters there:

Baby owls notice a camera watching their nest.

Eagle owl in ultra slo-mo

Barn owl in slo-mo

We haven't heard the great horned owls in some time. I hope they moved on naturally and weren't removed...
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Before I go to bed!

On the drive home after class and just after dark, while driving down a residential street near the school, I saw a small owl on the side of the road! It's side was to me and its head was turned slightly away, so I didn't see its face, but I saw its long legs and brown feathers. Not sure what type it is as the only owls I can identify with any success are the barn owl, provided I see the face, and the horned owl, provided I see the horns. :)

It was standing on the tarmac right next to the gutter and curb. It wasn't a whole lot taller than the curb, although the curbs are a bit higher than usual in this area. It was also pretty blase about the car and ignored me. I assume it had some prey.

I saw a fox not too far from the area a couple of years ago - I like the wildlife in this area, in the middle of the city. :) (There's a lot of wooded areas around here, as it's an older neighborhood, near a country club, and near the zoo and botanic gardens.)
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An in-progress shot of the thing I asked you to vote on in my last entry.

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And because she whined in the poll about not being mentioned: yes, this picture is [livejournal.com profile] rachelmanija's fault also. (I had not forgotten you: I was intending to mention it when the final picture was actually posted, like I always do. :P)

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