telophase: (Tigger - bleah!)
(Don't click on the link if you're squeamish about blood. :D) This is why I need to remember to wear shoes when playing with the cat. Completely accidental - she was rolling on the floor attacking the string I was dangling and rolled over onto my foot at just the wrong time. She's done it before, too - running after the string and took a shortcut across my foot.

At any rate, the only time she has ever deliberately scratched me was when she was at the vet and after being given shots and poked and prodded and her dignity assaulted, she wasn't about to get back in her carrier (presumably because I was going to use it to ... take her to the vet again? My cat, she is not so much with the logic), and hissed at and scratched me when I cornered her. She's otherwise a really easygoing cat.

And now, a pic the way she is most of the time, to dispell the wildcat rep she's now gotten from that other picture. )

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