telophase: (Saiyuki - drinking) the late, unlamented oekaki board I used to run on I logged in to take a look around for the first time in ages and noted to my horror that the comments had been hit by spambots so hard that it was easier to just torch the whole board than to delete them.

I did save a copy of the board files and the MySQL database contents so that anything on it can be recovered with a bit of rummaging, although I suspect it won't be necessary. :)
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And just to remind people that I do have an oekaki board up, although I never remember it myself. XD


Sep. 10th, 2006 09:32 pm
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Since no piece of art I do today is any good at all, I have decided that this is a Sign that I should stop trying to do art today. So instead I installed an oekaki board at

I'm now going to take a bath. When I come back, I expect to see that you guys have filled it with masterpieces for the ages!

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