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I am in the market for new coding music! This is the stuff I put on while I am at my desk and need to focus on coding or designing websites. I have trained myself fairly well so that it really does help me focus.

HOWEVER. I have (a) special snowflake reqs for this sort of music and (b) have been listening to my current playlist for a big chunk of a decade, and so it's compeltely familiar to me and I need more. :)

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Also just dropping this link to a Reddit comment thread about electro-swing so I can give the tracks mentioned a listen later.
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...and failing to reply to comments, but the LJ/DW notifications are all sitting in my inbox starign balefully at me, at least!

This time, I am coming to the conclusion that one effect learning to play the piano is having on me is that I am less and less able to do other things wile listening to music, which means my not-accurately-titled "Ambient" playlist is being cut drastically.

So ... I'm looking to expand it with music that's a bit closer to true ambient than the stuff on it now. Suggestions? I'm looking for softer, less dynamic music that's more .. flowy, I guess. Stuff with the sort of feeling I'm looking for are: Suzanne Ciani's Seven Waves*, Andreas Vollenweider's White Winds, Klaus Schulze's Mirage, and someone whose name is slipping away from me at the moment so I can't tell you.**

Did my second blues improv class last night, but was so tired afterwards that I didn't bother to write it up. I just tried to list out the 5- and 6-note blues scales we learned, but obviously I haven't memorized it and a quick Google doesn't produce it, so I shall wait until I have the book in front of me to write it up. :)

* Trufax: her sister was a prof in the A&M Architecture department when I worked there. No idea if she's still there.

** Useful, I know.
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Via [ profile] homasse: a Brazilian composer saw a photo of birds sitting on wires and thought it looked like music. So he arranged it.

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Okami OST

Oct. 13th, 2007 10:32 pm
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I just splurged on the Okami OST. Sure, its cost $40.25, but for that price you get five CDs. Or I could have got someone to download and burn it for me, but when purchasing, you get the awesomest CD art evar, as you can see if you go to this page of the Official Okami Thread of Awesome and scroll down about halfway plus it qualified for free worldwide shipping from
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I'm trying to build a playlist to use as background music to help shut out distractions. However, as I'm also using it to evoke mood, I need specific sorts of music, and I'm not sure I'm going to be able to really explain it, because the perception of music is so subjective.

I need stuff that that's evocative, that's reminiscent of fairy tales and fantasy, but without a strong Celtic component. East Asian and Southeast Asian elements would be nice, but I don't want pure bamboo flute or biwa, or anything like that. Some Dead Can Dance stuff works for me, as does Loreena McKennitt's less Celtic stuff. The Mushishi soundtrack would be totally awesome except that it's my work playlist for those times when I need to block things out but concentrate on mindless repetitive stuff. If there are lyrics ... well, I'd rather not be distracted from what I'm doing and clear, understandable lyrics have a tendency to do that because the images they put in my head supplant the images I'm cultivating in my head, if that makes sense. :)

Plus, it would be easiest if they're available on iTunes or I could 'obtain' them somehow.

Bunny Doll

Aug. 5th, 2006 09:33 pm
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In order that everyone may see that my Important Announcement of earlier today was absolutely correct, here is the mp3 in question:

Saiyuki Image Album 2 - Bunny Doll

Those of you who understand Japanese are now obligated to let the rest of us know what the lyrics are if this translation is accurate (thanks to [ profile] herchuckness for the link). :D


Jul. 3rd, 2006 09:01 am
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...does anyone here remember the day a year or so back when several of us were competing in an unofficial Break Your Brain Crackmonkey mp3 competition? I fielded the Queen medley sung in Japanese, and [ profile] nightambre fielded the Orochimaru's-seiyuu-mangling-opera mp3?

I can't find the CD I backed them up on, and I have need of them. Does anyone here have copies?

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