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[ profile] meganbmoore has been watching (and boggling at) Melody of Oblivion. (Don't spoil her for the Really Incredibly Misogynist Part No Truly I Mean It part near the end, as I want to find out her reaction when she comes upon it. XD)

In conclusion: BULLJEEP!
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I finished MoO this weekend, thanks to Mom's portable DVD player, and ... wow, that was a misogynistic way to make a point.

My overall rating of the MoO series is: the first 2/3 are full of the good crack, but once you hit the Tokyo Station story arc, stop watching and get someone who's already watched the whole thing to tell you how it ends. There's still some crack, like the Monster Union agent whose mecha is based on a pig and whose battle cry is "VIVA VIVA VIVA VIVA VIVA VIVA!" and the giant mechanical cocktail waitress, but there's also a lot of boring plot happening, as well as the aforementioned misogynistic bit.

And the kid in the donkey costume spotted in the Labyrinth does show up again. :)

Cut for spoilers, for those who want to watch it, and for those who don't care )
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I have watched yet more Melody of Oblivion and I have seen...

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...of the first half of episode 14 of Melody of Oblivion, just to show you guys what I'm talking about.

Screencaps. No spoilers.

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This is, I think, the one screencap that will convince everyone reading this who hasn't seen Melody of Oblivion to run out and rent it.
Here it comes! )

Now. Doesn't that make you want to watch it when I point out that this is a typical episode, not at all out of character from the series? Maybe a little more action-filled than usual.

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Jul. 29th, 2007 12:07 am
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...Melody of Oblivion, now that I've watched the other two episodes on the DVD. I think I just really failed to impart the sheer insanity of the show in the previous post. It's made even more cracktastic by the mood of the show being reasonably quiet and enigmatic. Yes, despite the MECHANICAL FIGHTING SOCK MONKEYS being pitted against the heroes at one point, it's low-key and enigmatic.

I think the best comparison would be Revolutionary Girl Utena, really, for the odd combinations of elements, weirdly literary references, and repetitive segments when the Warriors of Melos activate their weapons.

The story arc - they're rarely more than 3 episodes long - that's starting with the last ep on the disc is so far a somewhat straight retelling of the Theseus and the Labyrinth story. Well, if you consider it to involve giant robot wildcats operated by leather daddies, kids in coffins, pornographic Egyptian wall paintings, and a school bus tour. Did I mention it being quiet and enigmatic?
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Back when Melody of Oblivion was first being broadcast and fansubbed several years ago, I watched several episodes, and liked them quite a bit. But it's the sort of series you really need to be in the mood for and at some point I never got around to downloading more of it. I recently noticed that it was available on Netflix, and popped disc 3 onto my queue, guessing at about which episode I'd stopped at. I guessed correctly - episode 9 was the last I'd watched, and this disc started with ep 9.

How to describe it? It's a Gainax WTF?! series, and that should tell you quite a lot. It follows a young man named Bocca and his possibly sentient motorcycle-looking Aibar machine around a futuristic Japan that is controlled by creatures called Monsters, after the Monster-Human War. Bocca is searching for the Melody of Oblivion, someone or something hidden away that could be the savior of humankind.

I remember only vague, chaotic, confusing elements from the first eight episodes and discovered as I was watching episodes 9 and 10 that I wasn't actually crazy and that the episodes were just like that. [ profile] rachelmanija and [ profile] oyceter, you'll be happy to note that there is a Fowl of DOOOOM! in it, in the form of a parrot or cockatiel-type thing that flies around screeching "Truth or lies!" and then delivering messages to people. No heads in jars. So far. There are references to mythology and fairy tales. I vaguely remember a bus growing horns and turning into an analogue of the Minotaur in one of the early episodes, and there was one short story arc that dealt with a boy sticking his finger in a hole in a dam, like the story of the Dutch boy and the dike, and the most recent story arc has a villain that fights inside a giant robot suit that looks like a monkey and uses a giant extendible monkey wrench, like Monkey/Son Goku's staff. The Warriors of Melos, who are the only ones that can hear the Melody of Oblivion, activate their powers by drawing an arrow across a glowing tattoo on some part of their body, and they release the arrow with a cry that's taken from poker: "Flush!" "Four Card!" etc. There's a small group of freedom fighters that may not be as human as they seem that are also a theatrical company.

And those are the parts that make sense. I'd love to watch this with someone else in the room who can truly appreciate anime crack, just because.

ETA: Have also obtained and read volumes 11-22 of Samurai Deeper Kyo in the past 24 hours, and will be reading vol 23 later on tonight. I gotta say, that is way too much shounen fighty scenes to mainline in that short a time, and yet I. CAN'T. STOP. READING. Damn you, [ profile] chomiji! (Honestly - how many times can a character almost get killed, then stand up and say "This time I'll stop holding back!" and kick his opponent's ass ... and then ten minutes later fight another opponent who's even tougher, go even more all out, and then SAY IT AGAIN? Aaaagh! There's gotta be an upper limit here somewhere!)

Favorite character: currently Hotaru. YOU ARE SO CUTE WHEN YOU'RE WEIRD! Also am tired of Yuya's primary purpose in the story being the one to whom the other characters explain patently obvious things that I'd already figured out from context. The audience for this is obviously way younger than me. :) Also also am tired of the expression she wears 90% of the time being: 8O Want to yell at her to shut her mouth before a bug flies into it.

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