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I posted the Drum Beat Heart Beat picture on Manga Revolution. If you could go to its page and click "Major Style!" to the lower right, I'd be glad of it. :D (And then just visit my main page there because with 30 more visits another site scheme opens up for me and I'm curious to see what it is. XD)

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Just created a site on Manga Revolution. This is, like, the most comment-whore, page-pimping site ever. It's like a video game: you can't advance to the next level unless you get enough Style Points, which you get by having people click for you on your pictures. And you're encouraged to encourage all your friends to come and give you Style Points.

I ahve no idea if you can give style points if you're not an MR member, but in case not: go! click! I am an utter clicky whore!

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