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Since I keep forgetting to post about this at a time when I know lots of people are reading LJ! Manga chapter analysis here. Comments, observations, challenges, complaints that I got it wrong, etc. welcome. Especially as the only one who's said anything about it is [ profile] octopedingenue and I know it's been read more times than that by my stats. :)


Jan. 5th, 2008 06:18 pm
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Analysis of chapter 118 of Bleach (in volume 14) is posted on Google Docs here! Comments HIGHLY ENCOURAGED, even if you think you don't have much to contribute! I want to know what I'm not seeing in it.

If you want to be able to edit the document itself - which I also encourage because the idea of a collaborative document is nifty - let me know your email address* and I'll send you an invite.

It's not just about the art, it's about layout, pacing, writing etc. They all form one big whole.

* Don't assume I already have it - odds are I've lost it, or only have your Paypal email or something like that. Email me at telophase14 (at) gmail (dot) com.

ETA: The original post on this is here.
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If you zoomed past my previous LJ entry analyzing a chapter of Bleach while the link was down, it's back up now.
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I've just spent a huge chunk of the day ripping apart chapter 118 of Bleach in order to improve my understanding of page layout. I won't know how successful I've been until I sit down to do my own layout, but you may find it interesting. (Why that chapter? Because I had it on my hard drive, and it wasn't all fighting.)

It's up on Google Docs at this URL:

ETA: Aarg, dammit, didn't realize my inserted comments don't show up on the published version of the document, Hang on while I convert it to PDF or something that *does* show them... Back up! With actual visible comments this time!

If you have comments you want to make about the chapter and the layout and whatever on that document, email me and I'll send you an invitation that will allow you to edit it. :) Comments welcome here, too, but it'd be cool to have a collaborative document, I think.

And always remember KENPACHI LOVES YOU!
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If you don't read the manga blogs, right now you're missing a go-round on story structure and books vs. serials sparked by a post by Johanna Draper Carlson at Comics Worth Reading and Christopher Butcher's review of [ profile] tentopet's Fool's Gold.


1. Johanna Draper Carlson's essay about reviewing serialized chapters, in response to someone challenging her reading of Mail Order Ninja.
2. Christopher Butcher's review of Fool's Gold.
3. Queenie Chan is asked by Newsarama to write a bit on the state of OEL/global manga, and responds to the above two by detailing the story structure she followed in The Dreaming.
4. Butcher responds, challenging Chan's perception of the three-act structure she used.
5. Heidi Macdonald at The Beat jumps in also.
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(This entry is to collate the various links I've collected around LJ about Saiyuki, so I have one place to point people to in one of my Tpop columns. Feel free to add others in the comments.)

Many of these links will contain spoilers. Browse at your own risk. )
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So I started to think about working out how a chapter of Saiyuki was constructed, and got so far as dropping a layer on top of each page in one chapter and scribbling the figures and backgrounds as stick figures and notes.

Then (a) I got that OH GOD YOU'RE NOT DOING YOUR REAL WORK feeling and (b) I sort of forgot where I was going to go from there, so here I am offering up the scribbles to anyone whyo wants to look at them and see if they can come up with anything useful.

I think I wanted to mostly see where Minekura used closeups and far-away scenes, how many backgrounds and what sort and when she used them, when she left the backgrounds off, etc. She almost never uses almost-full-figure people - they're sort of from the thighs up unless the camera is set far away. And she excels at managing to get a background in with giving you a really clear picture of the whole surroundings.

Anyway, the file is here. It's chapter 44, from near the beginning of the Kami-sama arc in book 8, only 15 pages long, no action, and no plot spoilers in the stick figures.

If you have any grand ideas, or not-so-grand ideas, post 'em. And no making fun of my stick figures!
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Just a quick note to announce that I've written another article for TOKYOPOP's Manga Online March issue which is finally online after all the RSOM posting. They asked me to compare OEL manga to Japanese manga, and I did so, focusing on shoujo, because that's what I had the most of on my shelves. We're very scientific here at Camp Telophase.

Anyway, to read it, head over to Manga Online, sign in (it's free to register), and click Submissions, then How-To of the Month.
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Here's a montage of 49 of the top 50 manga (plus one novel - Vampire Hunter D) covers (I couldn't find #29 on, so there's a white space marking its place). I have no OMG WOW insights, but a couple of observations.

List from Love Manga, where David loves crunching numbers. :D This is from the direct-sales market - comic book stores - and not bookstores. (which is interesting in reference to the number of shoujo series in the top 50, I think, since the market at comic stores tends to be more male and bookstores more female. We'll see how it looks when David posts the bookstore list. :D)

Read more... )
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A quick-and-dirty experiment on a couple of covers from the previous post. You'll want to read that post first for this to make sense.

On to the pics )

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