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Has anyone where read the manga Utsubora - The Story of a Novelist? It seems intriguing from the Amazon page, but I'm still unsure.
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Remember the manga I posted about a couple of days back, that involved a Roman bath house engineer getting sucked through a drain into modern Japan? [personal profile] morineko has read it and reviewed it. (Spoiler: a decent read.)
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Found when poking through Amazon:
Manga: Thermae Romae, Vol. 1 -- When Roman architect Lucius is criticized for his "outdated" thermae designs, he retreats to the local bath to collect his thoughts. All Lucius wants is to recapture the Rome of earlier days, when one could enjoy a relaxing bath without the pressure of merchants and roughhousing patrons. Slipping deeper into the warm water, Lucius is suddenly caught in the suction and dragged through the drainage at the bottom of the bath! He emerges coughing and sputtering amid a group of strange-looking foreigners with the most peculiar bathhouse customs...over 1,500 years in the future in modern-day Japan! His contemporaries wanted him to modernize, and so, borrowing the customs of these mysterious bath-loving people, Lucius opens what quickly becomes the most popular new bathhouse in Rome-Thermae Romae!
P.S. - Kitaro is coming out in English translation in February! :D


Apr. 13th, 2011 08:51 am
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Article in the Publishers' Weekly e-newsletter about the Digital Manga Guild.
Digital Manga Publishing is already living up to its name with a robust publishing program on its site, which features online manga from its June, Dokidoki, and 801 manga imprints, as well as manga from Yaoi Press and from Tokyopop's Blu line. Almost all of these are yaoi manga, romances between two males, but eManga also features Harlequin manga, which are Japanese adaptations of English-language romance novels. Dark Horse published some of the Harlequin manga in 2005 but stopped after a few volumes, but DMP seems to be having more success online. In fact, Sasahara said, they are among the top sellers on the site. "I have been going to Barnes & Noble bookstores every now and then to see their manga, and obviously in every Barnes & Noble they allocate a huge space for the romance novel section," he said. "I looked at those people who flock around the romance novel area. They are middle aged women. Then I went to Yaoi-Con, and looked at those people coming to our booth, and they all look the same. And I said maybe they cross over, the romance novel and yaoi manga. I was right."
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Article on the Digital Manga Guild, naming three of the six Japanese publishers involved, online at Publishers Weekly


Nov. 10th, 2010 08:59 am
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So, anyone else get an email from Digital Manga about their new Digital Manga Guild? Looks like they're trying to crowdsource from scanlator groups, and are asking people to sign up and take a test to become (legal) translators, editors, and letterers for them. And you can sign up as an individual or a group, so it looks like they're trying to take advantage of established scanlating groups.

I note that you are paid on sales and not per work item, so the chance of much actual profit is low, low, low, unless you luck into a bestselling project, but it's an interesting idea.


Jul. 2nd, 2010 09:38 am
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Via [ profile] octopedingenue: Manga Cross-Stitch: Make Your Own Graphic Art Needlework

(I note that the more critical reviews were primarily complaining (a) of the lack of COPYRIGHTED familiar characters and (b) that the software on the CD was a demo version. I do have to wonder at the reviewer who complained that the patterns weren't arty enough - didn't she see the cover? I always assume the cover is representative of what's inside and don't assume the insides are better. Also, a reviewer complains that it's not for beginners and another complains that it's for beginners.)

([ profile] octopedingenue also links to Manga in Stitches Designs. :D)

P.S. [ profile] badnoodles: Love Kills Slowly Cross-Stitch: 30 Cross-Stitch Patterns from Ed Hardy)

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