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BTW, a Finnish animation studio is creating a new series of The Moomins, and is running an Indiegogo campaign to fund the visual development. They're working with Tove Jansson's niece.

Hey, you!

Feb. 24th, 2017 08:35 am
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Yes, you!

I believe you are in need of being disdained by a giraffe calf.

You're welcome.
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and because I go what seems like weeks without posting and then unleash a flurry of posts rather than putting them in one big Nico the ocelittle.
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This disdainful giraffe calf's ear game is ON POINT. Is yours? I didn't think so.
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Hrm. So I'm technically Clan Fraser on my mother's side, given that my maternal grandfather was a member of Clan Fraser. And the hero of Outlander is a Fraser. Which means that the Outlander collection from Torrid landed in my inbox this morning and I'm mostly annoyed that they're using the wrong damn tartan.

(I'd get a "Je suis prest" shirt except that I hate the shape of the one that they're selling.)

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