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Or want more like THIS sort of book or THAT sort of book?

L@L's reader advisory blogger needs questions to answer! Let her recommend books to you!


Apr. 15th, 2011 02:22 pm
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Someone found the L@L blog today with the search string "general information on teenage smoking scholarly articles." I suspect they found the article I wrote on using synonyms to search, wherein I used the example that "teen smoking" won't get you many scholarly articles while "adolescent tobacco use" will.

Hopefully they learned something!
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One of our bloggers had Real Life happen and has had to withdraw from Librarian @ Large, so we're on the lookout for a regular blogger on alternate Mondays. The basic idea behind L@L is teaching how to do library research: we explain concepts and methods. We also answer reference questions, explaining how we found the answer, so that our readers can do the same thing themselves. And as libraries are multifaceted, so are we: sometimes the research question is "what can I read next?" :)

Any regular blogger should be a librarian of some ilk (academic, public, special, corporate, school, whatever!), BUT if you have a particular search/research expertise and are not a librarian, we'd be interested in a guest post!

Our readership is still small, but it takes time to grow a blog. :)

Pass the message on! And let us know if you're interested or just want to ask more questions - comment here or email me at telophase14 (at) gmail or on the site via our contact form. Thanks!
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I posted a long comment with a few book recs, inspired by Fox's mentions of the lack of Texas SF/F. Naturally, I rec Texas mysteries.

(And a couple of SF books, too!)


Mar. 15th, 2011 11:29 am
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Spooky times today at L@L, as Fox responds to my please for haunted-house fiction that isn't stupid!

Drop any suggestions you may have that she didn't cover in the comments*, and please do ask her for reading recommendations! She's awesome at it!

P.S. Thank you guys who are Like the L@L apge on Facebook! We are ONE Like away from being able to post a full profile! :D

* Closing comments here to force you over there because I am CUNNING LIKE THAT. XD Also, your first comment on L@L will be moderated to prevent spamminess, but after you've had one approved, you can comment at will. And I am sitting here at my computer all day, so unless something DIRE happens like I GO TO LUNCH, it should be approved SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!
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Crow teaches us how to find maps on L@L today.

(If you get errors, it's because Dreamhost is having network issues. If you reload a couple of times, it usually works, or you can just come back later.)

More spam!

Mar. 10th, 2011 11:21 am
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Naturally, I see a lot of spam comments on L@L. Today's winner:
I daydream A A HEAP!
And I stand in want to daydream less. Because every time I daydream about something it ends up totally the inconsistent of how I wanted it to end.
When I daydream nearby something I take home all fervent around what yet it is that I'm daydreaming close to and then in genuineness I arrange downhearted after!

I think the little sadface emoticon makes it.
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...if you've got a Facebook page and don't mind getting Wall notes linking to our current blog post on Librarian @ Large*, please feel free to Like our Facebook page. I have an ulterior motive: if we get 25+ Likes I can actually create the full profile on it, which will allow me to explain what the heck L@L is to people who find the Facebook page.


* And the occasional note from me complaining that the crossposter is screwing up again.


Mar. 3rd, 2011 03:46 pm
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And, boy the L@L stats look really good when I've been reloading the site over and over and over on IE in order to check what it looks like there! (It doesn't count you if you're logged in, but I was logged out on IE. XD)
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Psst! New site design! For bug reports: OS and browser name/version, plz.

Next site design project: getting a mobile version up so anyone accessing with a mobile device can read it easily.

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