telophase: (Near - que?)
Note: No more need; it's been taken care of (I found a wonderfully stuffy Classics professor XD).

Can anyone out there translate "Neither wind, nor blizzard, nor Texas drivers can keep me from ConDFW" into Latin? Or at least as close to Latin as it can get? :)

Context: we've always had wacky weather at ConDFW, ranging from the Snowpocalypse last year to winds high enough the con's first year to knock down the hotel's sign, which necessitated the closing of the parking lot for part of Sunday so nobody could leave. (and tidal waves in the hotel pool, and plastic lawn furniture sailing off over the fence...)

ETA: Also the Latin business comes from our officer's motto a couple of years ago, stemming from an incident the year previous in which someone woke the (very sick, and just gotten to sleep) con chair up at 3 AM to retrieve something they'd left in ConOps. The chair said that next year, she was going to answer the door with "Are you on fire? No? Would you like to be?" So we had officer shirts made up with "Are you on fire?" in Latin and a flowchart as to what to do when waking up the con chair. :D

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