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If you're interested in trying out (microloans, essentially), you can use this link and we both get a $25 credit to loan out.

Check my Kiva tag for what I've written before on it.

Sep. 27th, 2012 09:25 am
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If you've been thinking about trying out, now's the time to do it! Use my invite link and we'll both get a $25 credit to lend out.

Wow, that sounds spammy. At any rate, I've been sending microloans* to people (I think all women, so far) in developing countries for several years using Kiva. I need to get off the intartubes and get back to actual work, so I'll link to the Wikipedia page on Kiva for further info.

* OK, I think you are not technically sending the loan directly to the person: you're essentially funding a share in an already-disbursed loan, but it all helps the organizations that fund the loans do so, and gives it a personal touch.!

Aug. 1st, 2011 06:23 pm
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If you haven't tried -- it's a micro-lending thing -- you can get a chance to make a $25 loan to someone in the developing world for free for a short time:

(I get a t-shirt if 5 of you take up the offer, but I don't push Kiva for the swag, I push it because it's a pretty awesome service.)

Limited quantities available - let me know if it stops working. :)
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I just loaned $25 to a woman in Mongolia to purchase more stock for her clothing stall. Microloans for the win!

I've been loaning through for about a year now, and had enough of my loans repaid to send it back out to another entrepreneur. The basic setup is that Kiva works with microfinance lenders in countries across the world to supply small loans to help with their businesses. You can contribute towards one or more loans in $25 increments, and as the borrower pays the loan back, you get the money back in your Kiva account proportional to the amount you loaned. You can withdraw the money or re-loan it. I've got about $100* in Kiva right now, and re-loan it when I get $25 or more built up in paybacks. I logged in today to find that one of my borrowers had paid her loan back in full only halfway through her loan term (woo!), so I re-loaned it to the woman above.

I've only had 1 default so far, and Kiva says it's due to the Central Bank of Tanzania giving them a runaround with the funds and not the borrowers, so I hope they're doing OK.

* Mostly survey money, commissions, and other things that show up in Paypal, which I consider to be fun money that I can spend in frivolous or not-so-frivolous ways if I want. :)

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