Yay. Ish.

Jul. 28th, 2016 02:59 pm
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Got the results of Nefer's culture back: she has, basically, two UTIs, i.e. two different sets of bacteria present in abnormally high numbers. The good news: the antibiotic injection she got is effective for one of them. The bad news: the other one needs an antibiotic that only comes in pills or liquid.

However! We had made the discovery last week that we can give Nefer a (very tiny, very crumbly) anti-nausea pill wrapped up in bread, and she will eat it. So I picked pills, and Toby dropped by the vet on the way home to pick them up. And yes: Nefer will eat an antibiotic pill if it is encapsulated in a squishy bread pill.

So we now have a loaf of bread bought solely for the cat, of the squishiest bread we could find that we could also tolerate if, for example, one of us needed to make a sandwich in an emergency. (i.e., generic wheat balloon bread, but not quite as fluffy and insubstantial as Wonder Bread.)

Nefer is happy that we have started this habit of randomly giving her pieces of bread. Sora is convinced that we are somehow giving her treats and not him, even though we let him sniff the bread and he does not recognize it as food. So he occasionally gets an empty Pill Pocket, because we don't want him to associate Pill Pockets with vets or medicine.
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Got a call from the vet--yup, Nefer's got a UTI. Heading home from work early to wrangle her into the carrier to get an antibiotic injection. Traumatic as that is, it'll be less traumatic in the long run than us trying to pill her daily...this is a cat that does NOT want to be pilled.*

* We've been giving her a prescribed anti-nausea pill this week as an experiment to see if it has any effect on her frequent barfing. It's been remarkably non-traumatic because (a) it's teeny tiny and (b) I struck upon the idea of making a little bread ball and shoving it in there because she loves bread so much, and she's eaten it every time. But it's very, very crumbly, and I think a non-crumbly pill won't work with that. So far, no barfing. We *think*--it could easily be in some place we haven't looked. But all of a sudden they're not eating as much food, which could be a sign that she's keeping her meals down and not having to nibble as much. So yay?
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Still exhausted, but could not sleep. Ah well.

Nefer is now back home: the place giving the radiation treatment called and said that she wasn't eating well, and they thought she'd do better at home and that the radiation had diminished enough for it to be safe. So Toby went and picked her up--she purred almost the entire way home, I am told--and we have ensconced her in the spare bedroom. The last I saw her, I'd brought in food and water and she was purring and chowing down, so I expect she wasn't eating because she was depressed and lonely, not because she was feeling bad.

Two weeks to go until she can be released.

edit: She has just commenced howling to be let out. It's going to be a long two weeks.

Well now

Sep. 28th, 2015 01:25 pm
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I spent the weekend at FenCon, and ended up selling 3 pieces, which mad enough money to cover the money I dropped on two pieces of pottery in the art show. :)

However, I cut Sunday short and headed back ASP after I could pick my unsold pieces up, because Toby texted me that he'd taken Nefer to an emergency vet that morning.

Cut for vet details of yesterday and today. Nefer's fine but cranky right now )

We were originally going to take her to a specialist this week to get her evaluated for possible iodine irradiation therapy for hyperthyroidism, which the vet diagnosed her with a couple of weeks ago, but that's been postponed until we deal with the acute issue right now.


Aug. 11th, 2008 11:59 pm
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...can't live with 'em, can't boot 'em across the room when anybody's looking.

Anyone who has a cat knows that when you have a perfectly clean bowl of water sitting right by the sink (where she's trained you to put it), which is refilled with clean, cool water once a day or more, that the water which is INFINITELY preferable is the three-day-old half-glass of water sitting by the bed with a dead fly floating in it.

Or at least had a dead fly in it. I believe the cat has supplemented her diet with an extra bit of protein. She'll be so bummed to discover I've gotten rid of the half-glass of water she's been jamming her head way down into and drinking from for three days.
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My cat is an immoral, thieving slut, stealing money and running around naked!

I found a dollar under the couch the other day*, and at some point last night she managed to pop her collar off and is currently running around without it. I haven't put it back on yet because it needs to be washed.

Not sure how it came off. I have an empty fold-up hamper over in the art storage area of the living room - you can fold it and twist it down somehow so that it collapses to a flat thing to store. I haven't figured out what I'm going to put in it yet, so it's mostly been serving as an ineffective hiding place for the cat - ineffective because she creeps into it and lurks there like I can't see her, and yet it's made of mesh. My cat, she is not so hot with the logic. Anyway, it's now a few feet over, partially collapsed, and trapped between the chair and the bike, and ehr collar was on the floor a couple of feet away. Obviously, some sort of drama happened after I went to bed last night but before I went to sleep - she jumped on the bed and I remember noticing that her collar was missing.

* It probably says something about my family that I assumed the cat stole it, but that Mom assumed, when I told her, that she'd gotten some sort of part-time job.
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...but, then that's normal.

Why does she like all these BPAL scents enough to try to lick them, but won't touch meat? (Other than pork, which makes her throw up.) CAT I DO NOT UNDERSTAND YOU.

ETA kittyspam.

If I look close enough, I think I can see the Horsehead Nebula. )

I think...

Apr. 13th, 2006 11:59 am
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...that my cat is feeling maternal. She just pinned my hand down and gave it a good wash.
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Took the cat to the vet after work. Emerged relatively unscathed - the vet that is. This is a strong cat who does NOT like the vet's office, and there is apparnetly a note to this effect in her file, because the vet tech said "No, don't take her out of her carrier - I'll just take the whole thing in the back where I have help to do her checkup." XD

She was very happy to be home, and wandered around sniffing stuff to make sure I hand't snuck back home and changed it. And was doing OK until I took off her collar to put the new rabies tag on it - it's no longer the red heart shape that all of you liked, but a gold oval - and when I went to put it back, I think she had a flashback, and got all grumpy and crawled off into my room to be all emo.

And now I'm exhausted and have inking staring me in the face going YOU ARE BEHIND ON THIS. Arg. And I ahve to do taxes, which means I need to dig up the receipts for the printer, the tablet, the scanner, and various art supplies that I've bought all year. *sigh*
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Dear cat:

Cute though you may think you are, when I am doing the dishes, your presence inside the dishwasher is neither useful nor wanted.

The one with opposable thumbs

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