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...I pass on to you this mental image, spawned by [ profile] vito_ecalibur's linkblogging post wherein she points out:
And thanks to the miracle of the Internet, you can now learn how to safely sexually role-play a shark attack in the comfort of your own home.
My response to that was on the order of...

I think my problem with the shark-attack scenario is that I've had way too much experience with bad LARPers or whatnot whose idea of roleplaying was to sneak up to you and whisper "I'm a ninja!" before sneaking off again.

So the scenario, as it unfolds in my brain, starts off with the tension ratcheting higher and higher as the blindfolded partner waits, straining to hear where the other person is, and anticipating the attack ... until the shark leaps onto the bed and shrieks "I'm a shaaaaaarkk!! Raar!!"

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