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I've started putting all the ISW posts I find in my memories - keep linking to ones you find, in case this spreads off my friendslist. :D

Also, [ profile] jonquil makes a post on the "Father's Day" episode from Doctor Who (spoilers).
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I don't think [ profile] coffeeandink quite expected this to happen when she mused it must be International Saiyuki Week, but the meme seems to be hitting the friendslist like wildfire. So - in honor of International Saiyuki Week, change your icon if possible, and post something Saiyuki-related.

ETA: I'm collecting International Saiyuki Week posts in my memories.

So bye-bye Mello for a few days in favor of Mr. Cranky. I do have a Saiyuki-themed picture in the works, but with no idea of if or when it'll get finished. So until then, you're stuck with ...

...a Telophase poll! )

If you haven't read Saiyuki, or just want to read about it, there's some essays linked in [ profile] coffeeandink's post up above and there's an essay about it in [ profile] rachelmanija's recent post here. If I haven't pimped these fics to you in your own journals yet, [ profile] edonohana has a small series of lovely Saiyuki fics titled Five Incarnations That Never Happened posted right now.

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